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About Us

Kor-Pak founder Jim Koralik (right) alongside Scan-Pac founder Skip Scandrett (left)

Kor-Pak founder Jim Koralik (right) alongside Scan-Pac founder Skip Scandrett (left)

How it Began

Kor-Pak’s journey began in 1976 when Jim Koralik realized his vision of becoming a business owner. He transitioned from being an industrial sales representative to an entrepreneur by launching Kor-Pak in Lake Bluff, IL. Kor-Pak’s foundation is predicated upon the firm bedrock of providing quality products at competitive prices while concurrently offering exceptional customer service. As a result, Kor-Pak has become a successful supplier to companies ranging from small firms to large public companies around the world.

Where We are Today

Kor-Pak continues to build upon its core principles with the objective of creating value for its customers. Serving numerous industries, including steel, rail, energy (wind), mining, and oil, Kor-Pak listens to customers and adapts to a constantly changing business environment. Kor-Pak prides itself as both an OEM and distributor for products ranging from: Heavy Duty Industrial Braking Systems, Wear Materials and Rubber Parts for Locomotives and Passenger Cars, Engine Seals, Kevlar Bearings, and Custom Machined and Fabricated parts. Kor-Pak is innovative and versatile; with an entrepreneurial attitude coupled with a custom engineering focus, we are more than a company that buys and sells parts. We believe in proactively discovering ways to help customers achieve their goals and troubleshoot their problems efficiently, through collaboration with suppliers, engineers, and end-users.

Management Team

Vivian Koralik, CEO

Vivian Koralik

Vivian Koralik

Vivian Koralik possesses nearly forty years of industry experience as she helped launch Kor-Pak in the late-1970’s when it was just a fledgling business, performing a multitude of operational functions.  Today, Vivian’s role as the Chief Executive Officer includes strategic financial and managerial decision-making to guide Kor-Pak as it continues to experience growth and innovation across multiple business sectors.  Vivian possesses a strong financial acumen and is instrumental in guiding Kor-Pak to the next level.  Vivian holds a Bachelors from the University of Colorado Boulder and has successfully accomplished various financial and leadership programs throughout her tenure at Kor-Pak Corporation.

Chris Koralik, President

Chris Koralik

Chris Koralik

In 2013, Chris Koralik (Jim’s son) accepted the role of President of Kor-Pak Corporation. As a child, Chris dreamed of being a doctor. Along the way, he became fascinated with business, got his MBA, and became a Certified Public Accountant.

Since then, Chris has been able to pursue his dream of helping Kor-Pak clients. Like a doctor, he considers himself to be “on call” to help customers find efficient solutions to challenging issues. Kor-Pak is available to customers; treating them with fairness, respect and kindness. Kor-Pak meets their needs.

Our Pledge

We are a customer-focused, relationship based company, and we will go to any length to assist you in meeting your business objectives. We take pleasure in helping our customers and we look forward to helping you in every way possible.