Dual Caliper Balanced Load Disc Brakes


Dual Caliper Balanced Load Disc Brakes:

Impeccable Balance 

Thruster Released Dual Caliper Disc Brake

Thruster Released Dual Caliper Disc Brake

Kor-Pak’s Dual Caliper Disc Brakes blend best of both worlds: the balanced torque of a drum brake and the even contact of a disc brake. This is achieved by featuring twin calipers which interface with the disc at symmetrical points which mitigates the risks associated with tangential forces occurring at uneven contact points.

Features and Benefits of the Dual Caliper Disc Brake:

  • Safe in the Event of  Power Loss: Spring-set, Electro-Hydraulic
  • Spring-Set, Thruster Released Dual Caliper Disc Brake
  • Thruster or Magnet Released.  In other words, when power is removed, the brake sets which prevents the load from falling
  • Greater coefficient of friction achieved which yields greater torque
  • Reduced size of the disc
  • Reduced Costs of the Gear Box due to reduced distance between input and output shaft.
  • Self-adjuster for lining wear compensation
  • Series or Shunt Wound Coil (for DC Magnet Brakes)
  • Zero Overhung Load/Balanced Torque means a lesser propensity for the shaft to twist and potentially break.  This means a lesser likelihood of a catastrophic failure from occurring.
  • Sliding Torque Scale (for thruster brake)
  • Options: Lowering Valve, Release Limit Switch, High-Temperature Oil
  • Offered as drop-in to AISE Standard Dimensions
  • Discs, Drums, Couplings, and accessories available for complete drop-in package

Unequivocally, the benefits of a Dual Caliper Disc Brake exceed the costs.

To learn more about these brakes, please contact a Kor-Pak representative who will be delighted to tell you more about what these fine braking systems have to offer.

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