Svendborg Brakes


Kor-Pak is a proud supplier of Svendborg Brakes.  Svendborg provides sophisticated engineered industrial brakes, controls, power units, and accessories successfully used in multiple applications around the world including: Cranes, Oil/Gas, Marine/Offshore, Tidal, Mining, Wind, Hydro, Elevators, Many more




Svendborg Brakes

bsfi_200_DS.jpgThe basis of our business is making things stop. Safely and timely. This is why the word “brakes” is still a part of our company name, despite the fact that our product range has been expanded over the years to include a variety of related products. Our market-leading and reliable hydraulic brake system is guaranteed to meet your specific requirements. Every braking solution we supply is extensively tested and can be individually customized and certified to comply with your particular operation and environment.

Our brake product range comprises both active brake calipers, which are hydraulic pressure-applied, and failsafe brake calipers, which are spring-applied and hydraulically released. The hydraulic brakes are available in a variety of versions, for example with offshore finish for corrosive environments.

Key benefits of our brakes are:

  • Few moving parts, resulting in easy maintenance and reduced costs
  • Small air gap combined with few moving parts, which mean short response time and fast braking
  • Two different types of spring packages available, reducing loss of force and providing higher levels of safety
  • Drain ports for hydraulic oil leakage, preventing the presence of oil on brake discs and further increasing safety levels
  • Tested down to - 40 degrees C

Svendborg Thruster Drum Brakes

thruster.jpgThe electro-hydraulic thruster brake is a heavy-duty brake, designed to withstand the severe conditions of heavy-duty machinery in various industries.

Energizing the electro-hydraulic thruster releases the brake shoes from the drum. When the electro-hydraulic thruster is de-energized, the brake is activated, as the levers apply the brake shoes to the drum.

Svendborg Yaw Systems


Svendborg Brakes yaw systems are designed and developed through significant R&D and testing investments and are considered state of the art for all modern medium and large wind turbines. In fact, Svendborg Brakes leads the market in supplying active yaw brake systems to the global wind industry.

All systems include a means of rotatable connection between the nacelle and the tower, and act as a rotation restriction of the nacelle. The actual components of the systems vary depending on the design characteristics.

Svendborg Brakes yaw systems will reduce:

  • Noise
  • Stress
  • Peak
  • Wear
  • Service

Svendborg Spare Parts and Accessories

spare.jpgOnce you have purchased our solution and implemented it in your operation the expertise of our unique after sales support will be there for you. This commitment to good and reliable service is worth far more than compromising on prices and quality. After sales support include technical support either on site or by phone, spare parts delivery guarantee.

Having access to adequate spare parts stocks is of vital importance for our customers, and we have therefore put together an extensive spare parts package, including:

  • Brake linings
  • Sealing
  • Sensors
  • Pistons
  • Hydraulic equipment, e.g. level sensors, valves, filters and accumulators

Svendborg Brakes offers a wide selection of accessories to accompany individual braking installations, including: 

  • Brake brackets
  • Sintered and Organic Friction Linings
  • Indicators
  • Brake discs


SOFT-BRAKING-CONTROLS.jpgSoft braking control is a unique brake control unit which provides a range of safety and durability benefits in heavy industry applications. Deceleration and stop of heavy loads are vital for modern technology, and controlled braking is essential for a significant reduction of torque peaks.

The Soft braking control offers a wide range of benefits and features – all taking the highest safety aspects into consideration.

  • Controlled braking independent of load and load position
  • Braking on time or distance
  • Adjustable brake ramp/curves
  • Compensating for variable friction factors
  • Controlled start-up
  • Real time monitoring of brake sequence

Svendborg Hydraulic Power Units

HYDRAULIC-POWER-UNITS.jpgOur broad range of standard and specialized hydraulic power units are engineered to meet any requirement. In order to minimize downtime, our hydraulic power units are equipped with various indicators to immediately identify any failure and thereby prevent further damage. Fast operation of the hydraulics, with optional manual operation, is a significant feature of our hydraulic power units.

A hydraulic power unit from Svendborg Brakes is available in a variety of models, in which safety and reliability are always paramount. Thousands of installations around the world, including wind turbines, cranes, conveyors, mine hoists, escalators, ship propulsion and marine winches, testify to the
reliability of our power units.

Special features of our hydraulic power units include:

  • Fast braking and retraction time
  • Redundant return valves, ensuring a fast and secure operation
  • Hand pump for manual brake release in case of power failure
  • Brake on/off indication
  • Operational in cold climatic conditions – as low as  -30°C/-22°F

Kor-Pak can assist you in the brake design, engineering, selection, repair, and delivery process.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information.

Svendborg Literature

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Svendborg DP Brakes

Svendborg Installation

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BSFI 300 MonoSpring Disc Brake

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