Industrial Brakes & Clutches

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  • Johnson Type magnetic CU disc brakes

    Type CU Johnson Magnetic Disc Brakes

  • Johnson Industries CX magnetic disc brakes series

    Type CX Johnson Magnetic Disc Brakes

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  • Warner Electric Power Transmission Products

    Warner Electric Power Transmission Products

    Warner Electric is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Power Transmission products that includes Clutches and Brakes with specially designed Controls, providing an unmatched capability to solve the majority of Material Handling, Packaging, and Plant Productivity applications.

    Warner Linear product line offers Linear Actuators and Controls, which are used for a variety of applications such as lift truck lift, adjustable height work table, and conveyor lateral guide positioning.

    Other major product lines include the broadest range of Tension Brakes and Controls available from a single manufacturer, along with Sensors and Switches, ranging from Non-contact types to Mechanical Switches and Safety Products

  • Wind Turbine Brake Pad

    Wind Turbine Brake Pads

    Kor-Pak Corporation: Wind Turbine Brake and Friction Materials Expert

  • Wind Turbine Brakes

    Kor-Pak is a Leading Supplier of Wind Turbine Brakes

    Kor-Pak supplies various brakes and accessories for Wind Turbines including Yaw Brakes, Disc Pads, Disc Brakes, Rotor Brakes, Access Hatch Linear Actuators, Blade Pitch Brakes, and Shaft Locking Devices.  Kor-Pak can also service your wind energy braking products, performing repairs and upgrades.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information.

    Warner Linear Service Manual

  • WPT Power Caliper Brake

    WPT Power Brakes

    WPT Power Brakes

    Kor-Pak Corporation is your premier source for Mechanical Power Transmission Products and services including Industrial Brakes and Clutches for demanding applications that serve multiple industries such as steel, mining, oil/gas, agriculture, marine, and many others.  When it comes to Mechanical Power Transmission, there isn’t much that Kor-Pak cannot do and we will deliver the finest in service, product selection support, maintenance, education, and overall product satisfaction for your WPT Power application.  Contact us today for more information so we can assist you with your WPT Power needs.

  • Yaw Brakes

    Yaw Brakes

    Yaw Systems

    Active yaw systems are considered to be state of the art for all modern medium- and large-sized wind turbines.

    Kor-Pak Yaw systems are designed and developed through significant R&D and testing investments and are considered state of the art for all modern medium and large wind turbines. In fact, Svendborg Brakes leads the market in supplying active yaw brake systems to the global wind industry.

    All systems include a means of rotatable connection between the nacelle and the tower, and act as a rotation restriction of the nacelle. The actual components of the systems vary depending on the design characteristics.

    Kor-Pak Brakes yaw systems will reduce:

    • Noise
    • Stress
    • Peak
    • Wear
    • Service
  • YW Series Electrohydraulic thruster drum brakes

    YW Series Thruster Drum Brakes

    YW Series Thruster Drum Brakes are cost-effective and high-quality industrial disc brakes used for various applications.  YW Series brakes are spring-set, electro-hydraulic released.  YW series brakes are manufactured to DIN standards and can also be furnished to AISE standards as well.  YW series thruster drum brakes are offered in a wide range of mechanical braking torque and can be used with a variety of electro-hydraulic thrusters for actuation, providing a range of working stroke.  The thrusters are 3-phase, 230/460VAC and provide smooth braking industrial braking applications such as cranes, bridges, conveyors, and metals processing.

    YW Series Brakes Brochure


  • Thruster Drum Brake

    ZPMC Crane Brakes

    ZPMC Crane Brakes