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Bibby Turboflex


Bibby Turboflex

Bibby Turboflex has remained a leading innovator in high performance flexible couplings and engineering solutions for rotating equipment for over 80 years. Now part of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., with a reach covering more than 70 countries, our vision continually grows without compromising the values which led to such unrivalled success.

With roots dating back to Dr James Bibby, inventor of the resilient grid coupling in 1917, and the development of the profile disc coupling in 1958, Bibby Turboflex has continued in the pioneering footsteps of these revolutionary leading lights.

Kor-Pak provides a full range of Bibby Turboflex high-performance transmission products and can accommodate your needs with top-notch customer service.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today to help you select the optimal Bibby Turboflex product for your industrial application.

Bibby Turboflex Literature:

Bibby Transmissions Brochure

2000 SeriesTaper Grid Resilient Couplings

Torque Limiting Overload Protection

Bibbigard Torque Limiter & Flexible Coupling Series




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