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Siemens ARPEX All Steel Rigid Couplings

Siemens - Flender Torsionally Rigid Couplings

Contact Kor-Pak for the Coupling designed specifically for your industrial application. The Siemens ARPEX line of all-steel couplings are maintenance-free with greater wear resistance, performing at temperatures ranging from -40c to 280c. The series of ARPEX couplings encompass a large spectrum of sizes to make them right for nearly any industrial application. Contact Kor-Pak to take advantage of these all-steel, backlash-free Siemens ARPEX couplings.


ARPEX torque limiters in the AKR and AKA series provide unequivocal disconnection and torque-free, complete separation of the coupled units (wear-free) at both slowly and quickly increasing torque.
Temperature-resistant from −30°C to 80°C | Available in 12 sizes from 60 to 65,000 Nm | Simple re-engagement by manual switching lever or screws |
Flander ARPEX AKR couplings


ARPEX couplings in the ARC-8 and ARC-10 series have a particularly robust construction and have been optimized for very high torques at simultaneously high speeds.
Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C | Form-closed transmission of high torques | Version with octagonal or decagonal disc pack |


The ARF-6 is explicitly designed for use with drives with very small shaft spacing, though it also offers all of the options of a double-jointed coupling because it can compensate for radial, axial, and angular shaft displacements. It transmits torques of 120 to 6,100 Nm with a reliable angle offset of 0.7°.
Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C | Compensates for axial, angular, and radial shaft displacements | designed in accordance with 94/9/EC |
ARPEX ARF-6 series


The ARPEX couplings in the ARP-6 series have been specially developed for pump drives and cover a torque range of 190 to 17,000 Nm at an allowable angle offset of 0.7°. Power is transmitted using close-fitting bolts and nuts and disc packs in a hexagonal design.
Meets the requirements of API 610 | Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C | Rated torque range 2000-270,000 Nm | Compact design, optimized for specific applications |


The ARPEX ARS-6 is a coupling solution that can be universally applied in many situations. Its modular design with standard components makes many types possible. In combination with other standard components from the ARPEX modular system, it is extremely versatile and covers a wide range of drive situations in the low to medium torque range. It transmits torques of 107 to 106,000 Nm with an allowable angle offset of 0.7°.
Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C | Designed in accordance with 94/9/EC | Many design types by combining standard components |
ARPEX ARS-6  coupling

ARPEX ART Couplings

ART high performance couplings are available in four types up to a torque of 588,500 Nm and can be precisely calculated and designed for any requirement.
Low reaction forces | High balance quality | Simple mounting | Meets the requirements of API 671 | Lubrication of discs not required |
ARPEX ART high performance couplings

ARPEX ARW Couplings

Maintenance-free, ARPEX couplings in the ARW-4 and ARW-6 series designed for drives where large shaft displacements occur. Handles an extreme offset of up to 3.0°. They cover the medium torque range, transmitting torques of 92 to 80,000 Nm.
Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C | designed in accordance with 94/9/EC | Closed flange form | Large displacement capacity |
ARPEX couplings ARW-4 and ARW-6 series