Cranes and Hoists

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  • Emergency Crane Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

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    Demag Crane Parts

    Authorized Dealer for Demag Cranes

    Kor-Pak is an authorized dealer for Demag Cranes and offers the complete Demag product portfolio.  Additionally, Kor-Pak provides service for Demag products such as repairs, inspections, engineering, and other technical services.

  • Demag Chain Hoists

    Demag Hoists

    Demag Hoist Units

  • Mobile Crane Parts

    Mobile Crane Parts

    Kor-Pak Corporation provides a comprehensive array of Mobile Crane Parts for various manufacturers and we specialize in both OEM and Aftermarket parts.  We can help you find those parts that are difficult to source and our unparalleled service will enable you to keep your mobile crane running at optimal efficiency.

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    Motor Driven Reels – Long Range [LR] Series

    Build for harsh conditions, this reel has single or multi-layer drum type spool with extra long travel distance.

    Keep cable cool and reduce inertia with skeleton frame drum.

  • Conductix Compact motor driven reels

    Motor Driven Reels Compact [C] Series

    Because they are manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel, these flanges and reel drums resist corrosion in the harshest environments. They operate with standardized slip ring assembly and are maintenance-free and contactless torque transmission – standard motor with a magnetic coupler.

  • Conductix High Dynamic Motor Driven Reel

    Motor Driven Reels High Dynamics [HD] Series

    Precision speed and torque control make these reels ideal for machines with a high-dynamic operation. Highly efficient components and low starting inertia.

    Optimal corrosion protection even under aggressive conditions – flanges and reel drum are manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel.

  • Conductix Rubber Metal bumber

    Rubber-to-Metal Bumpers / Buffers