Stromag Couplings

Stromag Couplings Designed for Industrial Use

Contact Kor-Pak for the Coupling designed specifically for your industrial application. Each drive setup requires a special mixture of composite material to ensure the proper flexibility, allowing the coupling to properly absorb axial, radial and angular displacement. Trust Stromag Couplings for safety and reliability.

GKN Stromag Couplings

Tri-R Couplings

GKN Stromag TRI-R couplings are designed for use with piston engines. The ring element can be screwed directly to the flywheel of an engine.
Highly flexible rubber couplings | Torque range 1150-63,000 Nm | For resiliently mounted systems | ATEX certification |
gkn stromag tri-r industrial couplings

Stromag Tri Couplings

GKN Stromag TRI couplings are ideal for use with resiliently mounted drives, and their wide range of combinations also makes them suitable for drives requiring a coupling which is extremely soft in torsion.
Highly flexible rubber couplings | Torque range 2000-125,000 Nm | For resiliently mounted systems | ATEX certification |
stromag tri couplings

GKN Stromag Vector Couplings

The new GKN Stromag Vector® coupling is the next step is rubber fabric couplings. Backlash-free operations due to the design of the radial arrangement of segments.
ease of installation | highly flexible, progressive characteristic | large shaft displacement in all directions |
gkn stromag vector couplings for industrial applications

GKN Stromag GE Couplings

Robust rubber-fabric couplings for large power transfers in diesel engine drives; progressive characteristic curve.
Highly flexible rubber-fabric couplings with high power density | Transmission of high torques | Rated torque range 2000-270,000 Nm | Compact design (short length) | Segmented design for fast element replacement | ATEX certification |
gkn stromag ge couplings

GKN Stromag Periflex CS Cardan Shaft Couplings

Cardan shaft couplings absorbs vibrations and reactive forces in construction machinery, tip trucks, rail and boat drives.
Highly flexible rubber couplings | Torque range 480-14,800 Nm | Cardan shaft side in a range of metric sizes | ATEX certification |
stromag periflex cs cardan shaft couplings

GKN Stromag Periflex VN Disc Couplings

Perfect for Diesel Engines, this Plug-in, highly flexible disc couplings is for IC engines, torsionally flexible with linear characteristic curve.
Highly flexible rubber couplings | Rated torque range 160-80,000 Nm | Simple mounting | For temperature critical applications "ECO" | ATEX certification |
stromag periflex vn disc coupling

GKN Stromag Periflex® TT/-NA Shaft Couplings

The GKN Stromag Periflex® shaft couplings are designed for use industrial applications in steel mills, high capacity cranes, and roller conveyor drives.
Highly flexible rubber-fabric couplings | Torque range 25-15,000 Nm | Precise workmanship for long service life | ATEX certification |
gkn stromag periflex tt/na shaft couplings