Stromag Equipment and Parts Supplier

stromag industrial equipment supplier
Stromag is the leader in industrial brakes, couplings, clutches and controllers. Engineered for the demands of heavy industry, companies in sectors from transportation, energy, oil drilling, steel, shipping and more depend on Stromag equipment and replacement parts to keep operations running and safe.

As the leading U.S. distributor for Stromag, Kor-Pak ensures the equipment and parts our customers receive are the rights ones for the job. Whether you need a custom engineered solution or a replacement parts supplier, Kor-Pak has the expertise in Stromag you need to ensure your facilities operate smoothly.

Stromag Brakes

Engineered for safety and to withstand the most challenging environments, Stromag hydraulic, pneumatically, and electric brakes are designed for modern and efficient drives.
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Stromag Clutches

stromag industrial clutches
Design for increased power density with reduced mounting space, Stromag Clutches are engineered for the high loads of industrial applications.
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Stromag Limit Switches

stromag limit switches
Stromag knows each environment can be unique the the Stromag Limit Switches are designed in a wide range of housings, gear systems and switching contacts.
Stromag Limit Switches

Stromag Couplings

stromag couplings
Stromag Couplings possess flexibility and precision engineering to control the vibrations inherent on drive systems.
Stromag Couplings for industrial applictions

Stromag Yaw Brakes

stromag Yaw Brakes
Wind Turbine Brakes are designed for the increased braking power windmills need. Through advanced force distribution, Yaw brakes from Stromag distribute in a way to require fewer brakes per turbine..
Stromag Yaw Brakes

Eddy Current Brakes

Eddy Current Brakes
With physical contact, Eddyt brakes create frictionaless stopping power. The Eddy-motor generates an electromagnetic currents, applying magnetic force against the rotating disc to create drag, and slowing its speed.
Eddy Current Brakes