YAW Brakes

A full array of caliper solutions is available from Kor-Pak to meet the yaw braking force requirements of any size wind turbine / wind energy brakes needs. All brake models are robust, hydraulically activated, and direct Yaw Brakesapplied. Models with up to 40kN braking force, featuring two-bolt side mounting, are designed for light to medium-duty applications. We also have brake models featuring four-bolt center mounting, is ideal for use in medium sized turbines.  Our base mounted caliper is designed for larger, heavy-duty turbine applications.

All models of yaw brakes function as static holding brakes when the nacelle is positioned into the wind. Typically, Kor-Pak caliper brakes may act directly on the yaw ring or Matrix plate-type brakes are mounted on the non-driving end of the yaw motors.

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  • Stromag yaw brakes bch85a

    Stromag BCH85A – BCH76A Yaw Brakes

    BCH Calipers are designed for easy maintenance. With fitting stops, the Stromag BCH line fitting pads can be replaced without dismounting the caliper. Designed for discs up to 30mm thick, they can be fitted with the Control of the pads Return system (CR) and a thermistor (T).

  • Stromag CB 120 Strong

    Stromag CB 120 A Strong

    Reduce the service time and the number of brakes per wind turbine with the Stromag CB 120 A Strong Yaw brake.  Looking to the future,  the CB 120 A Strong is designed for wind turbines with bigger rotor diameters.

  • Stromag CB 120 Yaw Brakes

    The central web in the CB 120 Yaw Brake distributes the braking force over six webs. This considerably reduces the load for the high-stressed area, allowing higher braking forces to be generated.

  • CB 90 Windmill brakes caliper

    Stromag CB 90 A Caliper

    Designed for easy maintenance while providing high braking effectiveness is the hallmark of the CB 90 A. The highly stressed area is reduced through an innovative design that distributes the force of four webs. This provides for a greater braking force.


  • Stromag CB 90 Strong YAW Brakes

    Stromag CB 90 A Strong

    With a clamping force with up to 250 kN, the CB 90 Strong was designed for the changing wind loads and gusts experienced in today’s wind industry. Increase your braking power and decrease your maintenance needs with the CB 90 Strong.

  • Stromag FCHM 1120A Yaw Brakes

    Stromag FCHM 120A


    Designed to replace lining pads without dismounting the caliper, the FCHM120A Yew are fitted with pad locating stops. The hydraulic brake calipers are for discs that are 40mm.

  • Stromag FCHM90A

    Stromag FCHM 90A

    FCHM90A are designed for easy and quick maintenance, with pad locating stops. With the FCHM90A the lining pads are replaced without dismounting the caliper.