AC and DC Drives

Variable speed drives can reduce operating costs and downtime, allowing you to be more efficient and save energy. AC/DC drives provide a wide range of options for your application.

AC Drives


Impulse VG+ AC Drive

Kor-Pak offers a complete line of AC Variable Frequency Drives to bring optimal performance and operational efficiency to your AC Crane.  Kor-Pak can design and engineer drives tailor-made to your specific application.  Supplemental equipment is also available such as resistors, dynamic braking modules, and air-conditioning units to mitigate against high heat exposure.  Below is an example of many of the product lines we carry:

  • Magnetek
    • IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4
    • IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4
    • IMPULSE®•G+ Mini
    • Sway Control System (SCS®) Series 2
    • Drive Synchronization Software
    • Bucket Control Software
    • Footbrake/Static Stepless Simulation Software
  • Yaskawa
  • Vacon
  • Allen-Bradley

Drive Support Tools

  • DataLogger Series 3+ Drive Recording Device
  • IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostics System
  • IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Basic
  • MAC•2000 Soft Starts

AC Control Panels

  • Pre-Engineered Control Panels
  • Custom AC Control Panels

Dynamic Braking

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors & Units

OmniPulse DC Drive

DC Drives

Kor-Pak specializes in retrofitting older DC cranes and outfitting them with new technology with the objective of making them safe, efficient, and reliable.  DC Drives can provide an ideal alternative to older and sometimes obsolete DCCP systems.  DC Drives allow complete motor control and eliminate wear and excess energy consumption which results in cost savings and less downtime

  • OmniPulse™ DDC Digital DC Drive
  • OmniPulse™ DSD DC Control

We invite you to look at the DDC. Presentation for End-users to obtain a better understanding of the concepts behind the DDC Drive as well as the features and benefits that make them superior to DCCP (Direct Current Constant Potential) systems.  If you are interested in pursuing DDC technology for your application, please contact  a Kor-Pak representative and the Omnipulse DDC Application Questionnaire will help you get started in gathering preliminary information.

Magnet Controllers

MagnePulse is built upon the acclaimed OmniPulse DDC  framework and has proven to dramatically improve safety, operational efficiency, and performance of DC Industrial Lifting Magnets.MH_MagnePulseDMC_L

  • Magnetek MagnePulse™ Digital Magnet Control

Drive Support Tools

Custom DC Control Panels

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