Industrial Friction Materials

With more than 40 years of experience, Kor-Pak Corporation is a friction materials specialist.


Industrial Friction Materials Experts


Your Industrial Friction and Phenolic Materials Specialists

With more than 40 years of experience, Kor-Pak Corporation is a friction materials specialist.  Since Scan-Pac frictionthe early 1980’s when Kor-Pak pioneered non-asbestos friction materials into the industrial world, Kor-Pak has evolved into a friction materials specialist as they design, engineer and manufacture high-quality friction materials for domestic and international clients, serving a wide array of industries.   Kor-Pak’s diverse portfolio of friction products includes the following:

  • Molded & Rigid Friction Materialsflex-lining-calendar
  • Flexible Lining Materials
  • Woven Friction Materials
  • Kevlar Friction Materials
  • Geartooth Facings, Insulator Plates & Molded Cathead Facings
  • Phenolic and Laminate Friction Products
  • Semi-Metallic and Sintered Friction Materials
  • Industrial Clutches & PTOs
  • Phenolic and Laminate Materials
  • Brake Pads for Caliper Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes

Friction and Wear Materials for a Multitude of Applications

Kor-Pak possesses vast experience in the design, engineering, and selection process of friction Kobelt Brakematerials.  With literally of dozens of friction materials at our disposal, we can provide high-integrity friction materials for numerous industrial applications including:

  • Transit
  • Off-Highway
  • Industrial Brakes and Clutches
  • Agriculture/Farm Equipment
  • Wind Power
  • Oil/Gas Drilling
  • Mining

At Kor-Pak, we encounter new applications and friction materials concepts on a regular basis and we are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge assets.  When working with Kor-Pak, you will receive the expertise and service you want and deserve.

Industrial Friction Materials Stocking and Reline Servicesoil-feild-a-block

At Kor-Pak, we stock quality replacement parts for the friction materials needed for countless industries and applications. Our specialists have the experience to meet the needs of most unique functions regardless of the complexity.

In addition to hot bonding and riveting re-line jobs, Kor-Pak adds value by designing and manufacturing custom friction products and assemblies, employing our expertise in skills such as water jetting, molding, and bonding. We do this using a process of functional analysis, chemical assessment of the material, manufacturing and assembly. We work closely with each client during this process to assure satisfactory results.

Custom Friction Materials and Value Added

Kor-Pak can engineer, design, and supply custom friction materials to customer-supplied specifications, as well as reverse engineering per sample.  Kor-Pak possesses the ability to create custom molded parts and supply customers with the tooling required to create economies of scale to provide high-integrity and economical friction products.  Kor-Pak’s machining and fabrication capabilities allows for value-added services such as friction products bonded or molded to metal or other derivatives of custom friction assemblies such as disc pads, clutch plates, molded parts, etc.

Friction Materials Identification

Disc Pads with Sintered Linings

Disc Pads with Sintered Linings

Kor-Pak is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of those with specialty friction material requirements.

To properly identify the type, of friction used on various bands and clutches, it is necessary to understand the function each performs. The basic mechanism in all cabs is the same regardless of the type of boom used. The driving power may be gas, diesel, electric or steam. Brakes may be internal expanding or external contracting. Clutches may be band type or facing.  In most cases they are known by the duty they perform. A band type clutch is known as the “friction”; the brake as the “brake”.

These frictions, often called swing clutches, are used to rotate the super-structure of shovels, cranes and draglines to any desired working position.
They may be of the external contracting or internal expanding band type; internal expanding self-energizing shoe type; single or double cone construction; or disc type. Since the digging cycle of all modern machines has been materially speeded up, resulting in severe usage, swing frictions are relined more frequently than other frictions on a machine.

The application of brakes to hold super-structures in position has never been very successful except on light equipment. On some of the smaller machines, automatic brakes have proved to be fairly successful. In most operations when swinging to right or left of the swinging motion must be stopped by using the opposite swing friction.

The hoist friction is the Iarge power clutch used for hoisting the bucket when digging and then lifting the loaded bucket so that it is free to swing. The friction, either of the internal expanding or external contracting band type, may be operated by manually controlled levers or by hydraulic, air, vacuum or mechanical boosters.

The hoist brake, on the same shaft as the hoist friction, is used to hold the spooling drum and bucket in a definite position, particularly while swinging. The brake is usually an external contracting band type.
A small independent friction which is used for raising the booms to suit digging conditions. Since this friction is
infrequently used, the frictional material problem is of minor importance.
In conjuction with the boom hoist friction, there is a locking brake which simply holds the hoist in position. This brake is of the external contracting band type.

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