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    Kor-Pak provides a complete line of Cranes and Hoists for various industrial applications, including: Overhead Cranes Gantry Cranes Ship-to-Shore Cranes Hoists End Trucks Spare Parts Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Crane Components Modernizations and Upgrades Repairs Crane Inspections Training 24/7 Support Contact Kor-Pak to assist you with your Crane and Hoist needs as we are an all-inclusive supplier and service provider.
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    Cutler-Hammer Brakes & Parts Distributor

    For a schematic an parts list click here. Kor-Pak is a leading distributor of Eaton Cutler-Hammer brakes and parts. You can contact us and we can help you determine the correct part number for your equipment, or you can browse our parts catalog and schematics.

    Cutler-Hammer Brake Rebuild

    In addition to being a distributor of Cutler-Hammer brakes and parts, we also rebuild and recondition Eaton Cutler Hammer brakes. call us for an estimate on service or parts, or submit the form and we'll get back to you quickly.
    [caption id="attachment_3023" align="alignright" width="343"]Kor-Pak Rebuilt GH505 Brake with signature aluminum brake shoes Kor-Pak Rebuilt GH505 Brake with signature aluminum brake shoes[/caption]
    [caption id="attachment_3022" align="alignnone" width="316"]Cutler Hammer Brake Before Kor-Pak Recondition Cutler Hammer Brake Before Kor-Pak Recondition[/caption]

    Benefits of Cutler Hammer GH505 Shoe Brakes

    Cutler Hammer brakes are especially ideal since they have fewer moving parts than other DC Magnet brakes.  This allows for fewer maintenance costs and an economical choice for reconditioning.  Furthermore, it can fit well in tight spaces which can be ideal for certain applications.  Cutler Hammer brakes can be used on both AC and DC cranes (need resistor for AC cranes).  Gh505 brakes are offered with either shunt or series wound coils, and Kor-Pak offers both surplus and aftermarket options as well which can be more economical without compromising quality and performance. Kor-Pak has several GH505 DC brake assemblies and spare parts in stock; please peruse our website to see what we have in stock, and contact a Kor-Pak representative today with any questions.

    8"  GH505 Parts List

    1 15-670 Nut KP0805001
    2 16-1598 Spherical Washer KP0805002
    3 69-2024 Spring KP0805003
    4 13-3186-7 Spring Pin KP0805004
    5 61-1013 Pull Rod KP0805005
    6 969-482 Spring KP0805006
    7 54-4020 Wedge Adjustment Assembly KP0805007
    8 54-2863 Adjusting Wedge KP0805008
    9 48-641-5 Armature (Inner) KP0805009
    10 13-506-9 Pin KP0805010
    11 48-641-6 Armature (Outer) KP0805011
    12 73-1017 Rubber Guard KP0805012
    13 13-3186-5 Spring Pin KP0805013
    14 11-1746 Adjusting Screw Assembly KP0805014
    15 49-2212 Gland KP0805015
    16 69-1694 Compression Spring KP0805016
    17 Coil
    18 19-982-27 Lock Strip KP0805018
    19 19-982-26 Lock Strip KP0805019
    20 99-2058 Retro-fit Kit KP0805020
    21 32-50-9 Felt KP0805021
    22 24-3320-8 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP0805022
    23 17-6371-2 Base KP0805023
    25 55-1650 Retainer KP0805024
    26 79-6783-5 Lock Bracket KP0805025
    28 32-467 Dacron Felt KP0805026
    29 24-3321-4 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP0805027
    30 48-338-24 Shoe Lining KP0805028
    31 55-1037 Clamp KP0805029
    32 11-1788 Cap Screw KP0805030
    33 69-1975 Lock Spring KP0805031
    34 48-1267-4 Shoe KP0805032

    10" GH505 Parts List

    No. Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-670 Nut KP0805001
    2 16-1598 Spherical Washer KP0805002
    3 69-2024 Spring KP0805003
    4 13-3186-7 Spring Pin KP0805004
    5 61-1006 Pull Rod KP1005005
    6 69-290 Spring KP1005006
    7 54-4020-2 Wedge Adjustment Assembly KP1005007
    8 54-2813 Adjustment Wedge KP1005008
    9 48-627-5 Armature (Inner) KP1005009
    10 13-506-9 Pin (For Pull Rod) KP0805010
    11 48-627-6 Armature (Outer) KP1005011
    12 73-1017-2 Rubber Guard KP1005012
    13 13-3186-5 Spring Pin KP0805013
    14 11-1746-2 Adjustment Assembly KP1005014
    15 49-2194-2 Gland KP1005015
    16 69-1680 Compression Spring KP1005016
    17 Coil
    20 99-2058-2 Retro-Fit Kit KP1005018
    21 32-50-8 Felt KP1005019
    22 24-3288-9 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP1005020
    23 17-6934 Base KP1005021
    25 55-1650 Retainer KP0805024
    26 79-6783-5 Lock Bracket KP0805025
    27 55458 Screw KP1005024
    28 32-467-2 Dacron Felt KP1005025
    29 24-3289-4 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP1005026
    30 48-338-22 Lining KP1005027
    31 55-1037 Clamp KP0805029
    32 11-1788 Cap Screw KP1005029
    33 69-1975 Lock Spring KP0805031
    34 48-1268-4 Shoe with Lining KP1005031

    13" GH505 Parts List

    No Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-680 Locknut KP1305001
    2 16-1598-2 Spherical Washer KP1305002
    3 69-2029 Spring KP1305003
    4 13-3186-7 Spring Pin KP0805004
    5 61-985 Pull Rod KP1305005
    6 69-942 Spring KP1305006
    7 54-4020-7 Wedge Adjusting Assembly KP1305007
    8 54-2652-2 Adjusting Wedge KP1305008
    9 48-602-5 Armature (Inner) KP1305009
    10 13-506-9 Pin (For Pull Rod) KP0805010
    II 48-602-11 Armature (Outer) KP1305011
    12 73-1017-3 Rubber Guard KP1305012
    13 13-3186-9 Spring Pin KP1305013
    14 11-1746-3 Adjusting Screw Assembly KP1305014
    15 49-2153-2 Gland KP1305015
    16 69-1652 Compression Spring KP1305016
    17 Coil
    18 19-982-20 Lock Strip KP1305018
    19 19-982-19 Lock Strip KP1305019
    20 99-2058-3 Retro-Fit Kit KP1305020
    22 32-50-10 Felt KP1305021
    23 24-3226-12 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP1305022
    24 17-6934-2 Base KP1305023
    26 55-1649 Retainer KP1305024
    27 79-6783-5 Lock Bracket KP0805025
    28 55458 Screw KP1005024
    29 32-467-3 Dacron Felt KP1305027
    30 24-3227-4 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP1305028
    32 55-1037 Clamp KP0805029
    33 11-1788 Screw KP0805030
    34 69-1975 Lock Spring KP0805031
    35 48-603-7 Shoe KP1305032

    16" GH505 Parts List

    No. Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-681 Nut (Hug lock) KP1605001
    2 16-1598-3 Spherical Washer KP1605002
    3 69-2225 Compression Spring KP1605003
    4 13-3186-7 Spring Pin KP0805004
    5 61-912 Pull Rod KP1605005
    6 69-942 Spring KP1305006
    7 54-4020-8 Wedge Adjustment Assembly KP1605007
    8 54-4524 Adjusting Wedge KP1605008
    9 48-555-5 Armature (Inner) KP1605009
    10 13-3978 Pin (For Pull Rod) KP1605010
    11 48-555-6 Armature (Outer) KP1605011
    12 73-1017-4 Rubber Guard KP1605012
    13 13-3186-9 Spring Pin KP1305013
    14 11-1746-4 Adjusting Screw Assembly KP1605014
    15 49-2036 Gland KP1605015
    16 69-1554 Compression Spring KP1605016
    17 Coil
    18 19-1164-2 Lock Strip KP1605018
    19 19-1164 Lock Strip KP1605019
    20 99-2059 Retro-Fit Kit KP1605020
    21 19-972-8 Stop Block KP1605021
    22 19-972-9 Stop Plate 093 Thick KP1605022
    22 19-972-18 Stop Plate 105 Thick KP1605023
    22 19-1688-5 Stop Plate 102 Thick KP1605024
    23 32-50-11 Felt KP1605025
    24 24-2951-9 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP1605026
    25 17-8050 Base KP1605027
    27 55458 Screw KP1005024
    28 79-4180-27 Locking Bracket KP1605029
    29 55-1551 Retainer KP1605030
    30 32-467-4 Dacron Felt KP1605031
    31 24-2950-3 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP1605032
    32 48-338-12 Lining KP1605033
    33 55-1079 Clamp KP1605034
    34 11-1787 Cap Screw KP1605035
    35 69-1976 Lock Spring KP1605036
    36 48-554-3 Shoe KP1605037

    19" GH505 Parts List

    No. Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-682 Nut (Hug lock) KP1905001
    2 69-2226 Compression Spring KP1905002
    3 13-3186-13 Spring Pin KP1905003
    4 61-994-4 Pull Rod KP1905004
    5 69-1470 Spring KP1905005
    6 54-4020-4 Wedge Adjustment Assembly KP1905006
    7 54-2764 Adjusting Wedge KP1905007
    8 48-612-4 Armature (Inner) KP1905008
    9 13-1181-11 Pin KP1905009
    10 48-612-5 Armature (Outer) KP1905010
    11 73-1017-5 Rubber Guard KP1905011
    12 13-3186-12 Spring Pin KP1905012
    13 11-1746-5 Adjusting Screw Assembly KP1905013
    14 49-2172-2 Gland KP1905014
    15 69-1664 Compression Spring KP1905015
    16 Coil
    17 19-982-24 Lock Strip KP1905017
    18 19-982-23 Lock Strip KP1905018
    19 99-2059-2 Retro-Fit Kit KP1905019
    20 19-972-4 Stop Block KP1905020
    21 19-972-16 Stop Plate 105 Thick KP1003034
    21 19-1688-3 Stop Plate 102 Thick KP1905022
    21 19-972-5 Stop Plate 093 Thick KP1905023
    22 32-50-12 Felt KP1905024
    23 24-3262-5 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP1905025
    24 17-8050-2 Base KP1905026
    26 55458 Screw KP1005024
    27 79-4180-27 Locking Bracket KP1605029
    28 55-1551 Retainer KP1605030
    29 32-467-5 Dacron Felt KP1905030
    30 24-3263-4 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP1905031
    31 48-338-21 Shoe Lining KP1905032
    32 55-1079 Clamp KP1605034
    33 11-1787 Cap Screw KP1605035
    34 69-1976 Lock Spring KP1605036
    35 48-611 Shoe, Complete KP1905036
    36 16-1598-4 Washer KP1905037

    23" GH505 Parts

    No. Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-673 Nut (Hug lock) KP2305001
    2 69-1987 Compression Spring KP2305002
    3 13-3186-13 Spring Pin KP1905003
    4 61-1008 Pull Rod KP2305004
    5 69-1470 Spring KP1905005
    6 54-4020-5 Wedge Adjustment Complete KP2305006
    7 54-2764 Adjusting Wedge KP1905007
    8 48-636-4 Armature (Inner) KP2305008
    9 13-1181-16 Pin KP2305009
    10 48-636-5 Armature (Outer) KP2305010
    11 73-1017-6 Rubber Guard KP2305011
    12 13-3186-12 Spring Pin KP1905012
    13 11-1746-6 Adjusting Screw Complete KP2305013
    14 49-2201-2 Gland KP2305014
    15 69-1692 Compression Spring KP2305015
    16 Coil
    17 19-982-28 Locking Strip KP2305017
    18 19-982-29 Locking Strip KP2305018
    19 99-2059-3 Retro-Fit Kit KP2305019
    20 19-972-6 Stop Block KP2305020
    21 19-1688-4 Stop Plate 102 Thick KP2305021
    21 19-972-7 Stop Plate 093 Thick KP2305022
    21 19-972-17 Stop Plate 105 Thick KP2305023
    22 32-50-13 Felt KP2305024
    23 24-3304-5 Shoe Lever (Inner) KP2305025
    24 17-8047 Base KP2305026
    26 11-2051-2 Screw KP2305027
    27 79-4180-28 Locking Bracket KP2305028
    28 55-1548 Plate KP2305029
    29 32-467-6 Dacron Felt KP2305030
    30 24-3305-4 Shoe Lever (Outer) KP2305031
    31 48-338-23 Shoe Lining KP2305032
    32 55-1039 Clamp KP2305033
    33 11-1786 Cap Screw KP1005029
    34 69-1977 Lock Spring KP2305035
    35 48-633-4 Shoe Complete KP2305036
    36 16-1598-5 Washer KP2305037

    30" Gh505 Parts

    No. Part ID Description KP #
    1 15-958 Hug lock Nut KP3005001
    2 16-1981 Washer KP3005002
    3 3228 Hex Head Screw KP3005003
    3 15-610 Locknut KP3005004
    4 69-2091 Compression Spring KP3005005
    5 13-3186-21 Spring Pin KP3005006
    6 61-1869 Pull Rod KP3005007
    7 69-1931 Spring KP3005008
    8 54-4020-6 Wedge Adjusting Screw KP3005009
    9 54-4986 Adjusting Wedge KP3005010
    10 48-896 Magnet Armature (Inner) KP3005011
    11 27-82 Grease Fitting KP3005012
    12 47-11498 Cover KP3005013
    13 48-1260 Magnet Armature (Outer) KP3005014
    14 13-5065 Pin KP3005015
    14 18-1962 Stop Plate KP3005016
    14 911-5888Z Screw KP3005017
    15 345096 Adjusting Screw Assembly KP3005018
    16 52-1079 Hook KP3005019
    17 11-327 Hex Head Screw KP3005020
    17 916-199 Lock washer KP3005021
    18 69-2090 Compression Spring KP3005022
    19 73-1210 Guard KP3005023
    20 Coil
    21 16-1747 Spring Plate KP3005025
    22 14-527 Stud KP3005026
    23 18-59-9 Shim KP3005027
    23 18-59-5 Strap KP3005028
    24 29-2779-5 Bushing KP3005029
    25 24-4113 Inner Shoe Lever KP3005030
    26 17-7102 Base KP3005031
    27 48-338-25 Shoe Lining KP3005032
    28 20-1067 Bearing Cap KP3005033
    29 79-4180-18 Lock Bracket KP3005034
    29 58746 Hex Head Screw KP3005035
    31 59111 Hex Head Screw KP3005036
    32 24-4112 Outer Shoe Lever KP3005037
    33 48-830 Shoe Complete KP3005038
    34 55-1352 Clamp KP3005039
    35 69-2092 Locking Spring KP3005040
    36 16-1982 Washer KP3005041
    37 16-1983 Fabreeka Washer KP3005042
  • EC&M Square D Brakes

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    Square D Brakes & parts

    Square D brakes & brake parts from Kor-Pak. Contact us with your specs/application needs, and we will ensure you have the correct products.\
  • Galvi Brakes

    Galvi Brakes (62)

  • Gleason Parts

    Gleason Parts (4196)

  • HUAWU Brakes

    HUAWU Brakes (61)

  • Johnson Brakes

    Johnson Brakes (319)

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    Kobelt Brakes (12)

  • Magnetek AC Motor Control

    Magnetek AC Motor Control (3180)

  • Marine Bearings

    Marine Bearings (1)

    Kor-Pak provides a variety of Impregnated Phenolic Bearings for Marine Applications.  For instance, Kor-Pak Rudder Bearings are self-lubricating and function extremely well without grease above and below the waterline and possesses extremely high impact strength and can endure harsh shock loads and provide outstanding friction characteristics which allows them to far outlast metal and other alternatives.  Try Kor-Pak bearings to see how they truly make the difference. For More Information about Kor-Pak Marine bearings, CONTACT a Kor-Pak representative today.  
  • Micarta and Phenolic Laminates

    Micarta and Phenolic Laminates (8)

    Kor-Pak is a Phenolic specialist, carrying various grades of  phenolic materials to accommodate numerous applications.  Common brand names that we carry include:new-ryertex (1) Micarta Ryertex  Gatke Canvas Phenolic What are Phenolics, and what are their applications? Micarta became a brand name when it was developed by George Westinghouse in the early 1900's using phenolic resins.  Micarta is now used as the general brand name term for resin impregnated fibre compounds.  This material is made from phenolic resins used to impregnate paper and cotton fabric which are cured under pressure and high temperatures to produce laminates. Micarta industrial laminates are typically phenolic, epoxy, silicon-based thermoset materials reinforced with fiberglass, cotton, cloth, paper, carbon fiber, moly, teflon, and others.  Pressure and heat is applied to layers of laminations which yields a chemical reaction (polymerization) which turns the layers into high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic.  There are numerous commercial grades which industrial laminates are manufactured in. Where are Micarta/Phenolic Laminates used?Pd1305WSHampshire The most popular application for Micarta/Phenolic Laminates is in high strength electrical insulation.  Micarta/Phenolic Laminates are used in power generating and distribution equipment, aerospace, electronic, marine, heavy equipment, steel, paper, and various other industries/applications.
    • Terminal Boards
    • Casings
    • Antenna Insulators
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Stand Offs • Washers
    • Spacers
    • PC Board Insulator
    • Switch Gears
    • FR4 PCB
    • Board
    • Sheets
    • Plates
    • Rods
    • Phenolic
    • G10 Tubing
    • G10 Plastics
    • G10 Composites
    • PCB Materials
    • Black G10
    • Machining
    • Fiberglass
    • Panels
    • Nema Grade
    • Circuit Board Material
    • Copper Clad
    • Industrial Tubes
    Kor-Pak Corporation provides several grades of Micarta/Phenolic Laminates and can perform machining, grinding, shearing, sanding, and sawing services to furnish you with the exact product you need.  Sheets of material are also available in different grades and dimensions.  Please contact a Kor-Pak representative for more information and price/availability.  Kor-Pak Phenolic Laminate products typically ship from stock and custom orders will have short lead times. We offer: Rods 1/32" to 6" diameter lengths up to 6"thrust collar Sheets .004" through 6" thick sizes up to 48" X 96" Tubes  Custom made to your desired specifications Machining Precision machining available to accommodate challenging tolerances and requirements Related Materials Ryertex Line Card
  • Mondel - Magnetek Brakes & Motors

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    Magnetek Distributor

    mondel magnetek brakes Kor-Pak is an authorized dealer/distributor for Mondel Brakes, a subsidiary of Magnetek Uncommon Power in Menomonee Falls, WI.  Mondel Brakes are robust, versatile, and capable of withstanding harsh environments which is why they are a top choice for tough environments such as melt shop cranes and stacker reclaimers.  Mondel Brakes are offered in various styles including the acclaimed MBE DC Magnetic Drum Brakes and MBT Thruster Show Brakes.  More information on these brakes can be found below: Type "MBE" - DC Magnet  [caption id="attachment_2115" align="alignright" width="295"]30 30" Mondel MBE DC Magnet Brake[/caption] Spring –applied and electromagnetic release Replaceable magnet coils Class F insulation Shunt: 12V through 350V DC Series: 5A through 1400A 300M Range 5” – 30” diameter 10 – 11,000 lb. ft. torque AC, DC, hydraulic Explosion proof AIST drop-in designs MBE Options:  Auto-adjuster for lining wear Forcing rectifier (fast response for crane hoists, etc.) Constant potential rectifiers (for crane bridges/trolleys) Terminal box rectifiers (Special applications - Contact Engineering) Class H insulation Nitride Corrosion Protection Type "MBT" - 3 PH. AC and DCFotoFlexer_Photo Fast response - standard units 2000 cycles per hour Spring applied and electrically released Continuously or intermittently rated, Service < 40°C Class F insulation AC Supplies: 230-460-575/3Ph/50-60 Hz DC Supplies: 250V MBT Options: Auto-adjuster for lining wear Adjustable external torque spring with calibrated indicator Externally adjustable, stepless time delays in both directions (set and release) Braketronic Controller Nitride Corrosion Protection [caption id="attachment_2114" align="alignright" width="150"]Mondel Mondel "Braketronic" Controller[/caption] Latching hand release Up to 3 limit switches to indicate brake position Available in vertical design – Thruster is mounted above the brakewheel – Fits in tight spaces Types "MBT" and "MBE can be fitted with Pedal or Mondel "Braketronic" Controller Power assisted hydraulic over-ride to produce a dual-purpose brake. This hybrid brake is useful for EOT bridges, gantry cranes and similar applications where dual control and/or emergency stopping and parking are required. Related Literature: Mondel Family Brochure Brakes for Cranes and Hoists
  • Mondel Brakes

    Mondel Brakes (39)

  • Oil Rig Equipment

    Oil Rig Equipment (6)

    iStock_000022382058_Small OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kor-Pak is your premier source for Oil Rig Equipment Kor-Pak is a manufacturer and distributor for various Oil Rig products, including:

    Brakes, Clutches, and Accessoriesds30xxa

    Friction Materials

    Air and Hydraulic Power Units and Controls
    • Can incorporate a variety of AC or DC motor and compressor combinations
    • Feature control valves, filters, regulators, lubricators
    Air Power Take-Offs Sheavesrope drumMH_BlueMaxMotor_XL Bushings Mud Pumps Couplings Bearings Gears and GearboxesNuttall_SU_SD-High-Speed-Gearsv2 Motors Rope Drums Variable Frequency Drives Repair, Retrofit, and Engineering Services   At Your ServiceTexting Oil Worker At Kor-Pak, we understand how important efficiency is and the severe costs of downtime.  That is why we offer 24 hour customer support and you can submit a Ticket to reach out to a Kor-Pak representative anytime to obtain the information you need.  Kor-Pak possesses the expertise, experience, and customer-focused attitude required to help you with your product or application-related question to keep you equipment running at optimal efficiency.  
  • Paper Mill Friction Materials

    Paper Mill Friction Materials (3)

  • Pintsch Bubenzer Brakes

    Pintsch Bubenzer Brakes (62)

  • Power-Transmission-Spare-Parts-and-Assemblies

    Power-Transmission-Spare-Parts-and-Assemblies (5711)

  • Scan-Pac Distributor

    Scan-Pac Distributor (11)

    Scan-Pac Friction Material ManifacturerKor-Pak Corporation has a rich history with Scan-Pac Manufacturing as Kor-Pak founder Jim Koralik helped Scan-Pac founder Skip Scandrett pioneer non-asbestos friction materials into various markets to be used in a plethora of applications.  In the early 1980's, Kor-Pak helped iron and steel plants create non-asbestos Overhead Crane (OHC) linings for DC magnetic shoe brakes, creating molds for rigid organic linings using the flagship RF-38 material which is a mainstay for hoist applications. Subsequently, Kor-Pak began designing and implementing Scan-Pac friction and phenolic materials for other applications: woven brake blocks for oilfield applications, flexible friction materials used for brake bands for agricultural applications, rigid brake pads for off-highway vehicles, and several others. Today, Scan-Pac manufactures literally dozens of friction materials with varying friction coefficients and other technical properties and there is rarely, if ever, an application that Scan-Pac friction materials cannot successfully accommodate.  Kor-Pak possesses the value-added capabilities and engineering services required to help you with your friction materials needs. Gemini Friction Materials Scan-Pac Mfg. developed the Gemini Brand of friction materials to provide the most cost effective friction materials for industrial and oilfield applications. In the Gemini line, there are four rigid molded formulations with coefficients of friction ranging from .15 to .59 and a woven material to meet the needs of industrial and oilfield applications. The line consists of GL (Gemini Low), GM (Gemini Mid), GMH (Gemini Mid-High) and GH (Gemini High). Gatke Phenolics and Laminates The Gatke Corporation was acquired by Scan-Pac several years ago as a strategic acquisition to complement its preexisting product line.  This was a prudent decision as Gatke is a unique and versatile product line that can be used ubiquitously for several industries and applications. There are several grades of Gatke material available with different material compositions that enable them to be utilized for various applications.  Gatke products can be found in applications such as Rail (Equalizer Seats, Center Plates, and Vertical Liners), Iron and Steel (roll stand bearings), Agriculture (phenolic bushings), Screw Conveyors (hanger bearings), and many more.  Gatke is often an ideal alternative to metal as it has self-lubricating characteristics which make it forgiving and having a longer wear life than its other more abrasive and less environmentally-friendly competitors.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today to help you find the ideal phenolic/laminate material for your applications.
  • Sibre Brakes

    Sibre Brakes (90)

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    Stearns Parts (5980)

  • Svendborg Brakes

    Svendborg Brakes (57)

  • Torque Limiters

    Torque Limiters (3)

    TORQUE OVERLOAD PROTECTION DEVICES Ringspann Positive Torque Limiter

    Kor-Pak offers several lines and version of Torque Limiters, representing a number of brand-names that serve customers and industries around the globe.


    The objective of torque overload devices is to assure efficient protection of man and machine against momentary overload conditions. A Torque limiter is a mechanical protection device which, when an overload happens, the load separates from the drive. The limiters with rotating elements (balls or rollers) can be provided with a limit switch. This permits control of the motor drive system and to stop the machine e.g. Emergency Stop. Friction (single or multi discs) Wet or dry use Balls-Races or Rollers Synchronised Torque adjustment For Lifting Devices With/Without Coupling Torque range: 5 to 25 600 Nm
  • Twiflex Brakes

    Twiflex Brakes (35)

  • WPT Power Brakes

    WPT Power Brakes (2)

  • YAW Brakes

    YAW Brakes (7)

    A full array of caliper solutions is available from Kor-Pak to meet the yaw braking force requirements of any size wind turbine / wind energy brakes needs. All brake models are robust, hydraulically activated, and direct Yaw Brakesapplied. Models with up to 40kN braking force, featuring two-bolt side mounting, are designed for light to medium-duty applications. We also have brake models featuring four-bolt center mounting, is ideal for use in medium sized turbines.  Our base mounted caliper is designed for larger, heavy-duty turbine applications. All models of yaw brakes function as static holding brakes when the nacelle is positioned into the wind. Typically, Kor-Pak caliper brakes may act directly on the yaw ring or Matrix plate-type brakes are mounted on the non-driving end of the yaw motors.
  • Industrial Brakes & Clutches

    Industrial Brakes & Clutches (120)

    Industrial brakesKor-Pak Corporation is an industrial brake and clutch specialist.  Not only do we offer a plethora of brakes and clutches in terms of size, torque, styles, and applications, but we also design custom brakes and clutches, offer design and application engineering, and have a robust service and aftermarket segment that will enable you to recondition your existing equipment and source OEM and aftermarket parts at competitive prices.  No matter what the application, Kor-Pak can help you find what you need and our customer-focused and hands-on approach will ensure that you are always receiving the support and attention you need to keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency. As you navigate the website you will find many different brakes and clutches offered by Kor-Pak, and if you cannot find what you're looking for please contact a Kor-Pak representative today to help you.

    Industrial DRUM Brakes

    Kor-Pak can supply various styles of drum/shoe brakes that conform either AISE or DIN standards. Our drum brakes are fail-safe, spring-set and electro-hydraulic thruster or magnetically released. We can also provide all spare products and accompanying items such as brake drums, shoes, thrusters, coils (both shunt and series wound), controllers, and spare parts.

    DISC Brakes

    offers a diverse portfolio of industrial disc brakes that cater to a wide variety of applications. Our wide range of caliper disc brakes are offered as either hydraulic or air applied/spring released, or spring applied and hydraulic, air, or magnetically released. Our robust caliper disc brakes are used ubiquitously and can be found in numerous unique applications and they can furnish extremely high torque requirements and concurrently withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.


    Our innovative and diverse selection of storm and rail brakes have helped industries persevere throughout harsh and demanding environments. Whether it be intense winds, seismic activity, or bracing your container when incurring heavy loads, Kor-Pak’s Storm Brakes will enable you to overcome these obstacles and achieve your industry-specific goals. Kor-Pak offers several options of Storm Brakes including: rail clamps, wheel grippers, rail grippers, and corresponding accessories. These are offered with various mounting options such as sill-beam, flange, or truck mounted and our rail clamps can be furnished with integral power units.
    For more information on industrial brake wheels, click here Related Literature: Kor-Pak Brochure Kor-Pak Brochure- Oil and Gas 2014 Crane Symposium PowerPoint
  • Brake and Clutch Accessories

    Brake and Clutch Accessories (107)

     Kor-Pak is a One-Stop Source for Industrial Brake and Clutch Accessories and Spare Parts

    Preventive maintenance and inventory management are crucial to the consistency and reliability of your equipment.  Kor-Pak can equip you with the accessories and spare parts you need to help you maintain operational efficiency. [caption id="attachment_4273" align="alignright" width="363"] DC Coil DC Coils for Magnetic Drum Brakes and DC Control Panels[/caption]

    DC Magnetic Coils 

    Shunt & series wound, OEM and aftermarket, also able to supply obsolete coils for major product lines.

    Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters

    • Both Wet and Dry Available (EB and ED), ELDRO and ELHY available to accommodate desired torque range [caption id="attachment_4271" align="alignright" width="163"] Electro-hydraulic thrusters Electro-hydraulic thrusters[/caption]
    • AC or DC
    • Special Options available (i.e. Kevlar Dust Boot, explosion proof, lowering valve, high-temp silicone fluid)
    Brake Controllers: Our Lenze and  Braketronics Controllers are used in conjunction with our AC Thruster brakes and are operated with a heavy duty foot pedal to create constant torque.  These enclosed variable frequency drives can be used with both AC and DC power input and can be programmed with your desired acceleration/deceleration times which creates a smooth set and release which eliminates wear on the brake.  These systems are popular choices to replace air over hydraulic systems and we can furnish drop-in replacements for these braking systems in various AISE and non-AISE dimensi0ns (i.e. 14" and 18").

    Brake Wheels

    [caption id="attachment_4269" align="alignright" width="224"] Brake Wheels Centered and Offset Brake Wheels, Bored & Keyed to Various Sizes[/caption] Kor-Pak offers a comprehensive range of brake drums. Standard drum / gear coupling arrangements or custom units completed to individual specifications. Our drums are made from high quality steel. Our drum designs include:

    Standard & Offset Brake Drums

     - with mounting holes, rough stock bore, or bored and keyed as per customer specifications.

    'Sella' Brake Drums

     - completed to DIN 15431 and AISE Standards.

    'Sella' Flexible Couplings

    - multiple arrangements available

    Friction Discs

    Kor-Pak offers a comprehensive range of brake discs. Standard disc/hub arrangements or custom units. All discs can be completed with tapered bore, dynamic balancing, or any other custom features required. Spare Brake Shoes, Disc Pads, and Relining: Kor-Pak can furnish both OEM and Aftermarket for virtually any brake shoe/disc pad using various types of friction linings for specific applications.  Our rigid friction (RF) non-asbestos linings have become the industry standard, and our sintered and semi-metallic linings are ideal for high temperature applications and also reduce braking noise.  Kor-Pak also designs/manufactures/reverse engineers custom brake pads to suit your needs.  We carry several models and sizes, including: Cutler-Hammer (503 and 505), Square D (Type T and F), Wagner, Johnson/Elevanja, Mondel/P&H, Bubenzer, Whiting, GE, Clark, Zenar, and many more.

    Friction Discs for Clutches and PTOs wichita

    Kor-Pak provides a wide range of Friction Discs for PTO's and Clutches including Twin Disc, WPT, Wichita, Reuland, and Eaton-Airflex. Kor-Pak brand aluminum brake shoes are widely used and successfully implemented on shoe brakes across the United States. Aluminum brake shoes are proven to effectively dissipate heat, and also weigh substantially less than their cast iron counterparts. [highlight]Ask About our exclusive Aluminum Shoes. 50% Lighter, Less Down Time, Added Safety During Changeouts Spare Brake Components: whether it be a spare pin, bushing, spring, lever, high-temperature silicone fluid, friction linings, relief valve, or viton seal, Kor-Pak will provide you with high-quality spare parts to keep your outfit in service. Many Value-Added services are available: We not only manufacture the brake shoe, but also offer bonding of high-quality non-asbestos linings to the brake shoe to create a finished assembly. Related Information: Thruster Selection Sheet Thruster Brochure Discs Brake Drums Couplings
  • Molded & Rigid Friction Products

    Molded & Rigid Friction Products (2)

    Molded & Rigid Friction Products

    Kor-Pak offers a diverse array of molded and rigid friction products which are successfully used in numerous applications.  We offer custom fabricated parts as well as molding high volume products to achieve economies of scale.  Kor-Pak offers Molded Flat Sheet Products available in sizes and thickness for user fabrication into any desired shape. Quick turnaround of production assures availability in either 20"x 20" or 30"x 30" flat sheets in wide range of available friction levels. Material can either be machined or fabricated by water-jet cutting to desired shape.

    Rigid Molded Blocks (RF Material)rigid-molded1

    Non-asbestos rigid molded blocks are the premium product line for use on heavy duty industrial brakes and shoe type clutches.  RF materials exhibit smooth consistent friction with excellent properties.
    • Wide range of friction levels
    • Low wear and abrasion
    • Excellent fade resistance
    • Smooth, consistent friction
    • Heavy duty industrial brakes & shoe clutch applications
    • Drilled or undrilled
    Examples of use: overhead cranes, crane, shovel & draglines, industrial lift trucks, hoists & winches, tension control devices, mining equipment, logging equipment and haul trucks Geartooth Facings, Insulator Plates & Molded Cathead Facings Kor-Pak manufactures a wide variety of industry standard gear-tooth facings used in power transmission applications such as PTOs and industrial clutches, both disc type and constrictor. They are available in mid-co and hi-co materials as well as specialty materials developed for water-cooled applications and a hi-strength "Kevlar" material. Kor-Pak offers a variety of facings to meet the most severe oilfield and industrial applications. Both ID and OD geartooth facings are produced in either RF38 standard duty medium friction material and in RF52 high strength high torque material, but upon request can be molded in most Kor-Pak materials. The clutch insulator plates are molded from a specially developed non-metallic formulation which exhibits excellent insulating properties while presenting a smooth tough surface in your critical clutch applications. Cathead facings are available in standard manufacturer configurations , in either an RF formulation or GGW woven material and can be readily cross-referenced by a Kor-Pak technical representative.
    • Available for most industrial applications
    • Both ID and OD geartooth facings available in most sizes and thicknesses
    • Most formulations can be molded to special internal or external configurations
    • Examples of use: construction or mining machinery clutches, pumping & irrigation drives, punch press brakes & clutches, overload and tensioning devices, winches & hoists, other industrial clutch & brake applications
    Value Added Perhaps Kor-Pak's most distinct value proposition lies in its adept ability to design and manufacture custom value-added Molded & Rigid Friction Materials Products.  For example, Kor-Pak has successfully produced Brake Pads for passenger rail cars, Brake Band Assemblies for agricultural equipment, and Clutch Facings for the Oil Industry.  Kor-Pak's experience and selection, combined with laser cutting and machining/fabrication capabilities allow for the ability to produce high-quality custom products to suit a unique application while concurrently offering competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Related Information: MSDS-RF Series  
  • Geartooth Facings, Insulator Plates & Molded Cathead Facings

    Geartooth Facings, Insulator Plates & Molded Cathead Facings (5)

  • Gatke Phenolic Bearings and Laminates

    Gatke Phenolic Bearings and Laminates (3)

    Gatke-Phenolic-Impregnated-Bearings-and-LaminatesGatke Logo Kor-Pak is a successful supplier of high-quality Phenolic Impregnated Bearings Laminates that are used in several industries. [caption id="attachment_522" align="alignright" width="300"]Flat molded plates are used in numerous wear, impact and pressure applications. The unique properties of Gatke materials along with the ease of fabricating parts into numerous configurations, makes Gatke an excellent choice for your critical wear applications. Flat molded plates are used in numerous wear, impact and pressure applications. The unique properties of Gatke materials along with the ease of fabricating parts into numerous configurations, makes Gatke an excellent choice for your critical wear applications.[/caption] Our signature Gatke product line is used in several industries and a variety of applications. This includes: Roll Stands in Steel and Aluminum Mills, Screw Conveyors, Water Treatment Facilities, Construction Equipment, Paper Mills, among many others.  Gatke is offered in various grades and compounds such as: Laminated Medium Weave Cotton Fabric (Hydrotex), Laminated Cotton Fabric with Moly (Molytex), and Laminated Glass Fiber with Teflon.  These impregnated and self-lubricating materials offer distinct advantages over alternative materials and can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures. Click here for the Gatke catalog.   Gatke products have several strengths including:
    • Unique Features Not Found In Other Materials
    • Excellent Resiliency
    • Lightweight
    • Longer Wear Life
    • Less Downtime
    • No Scoring or Galling
    • Lower Friction
    • No Cold Flow
    • Materials Available for High Temperature Applications
    • High Impact Strength
    • Unaffected by Most Chemicals
    • High Dielectric strength
    • Water, Oil Grease or Self-Lubricating
    We invite you to peruse the Gatke Impregnated Phenolics and Laminates Presentation to obtain more information about Gatke and its advantages over its alternatives Examples of Industries/Applications that have successfully utilized our Phenolic/Laminate Products:
    • Phenolic Bearings used in major Aluminum and Paper Mills
    • Gatke Phenolic Wear Plates and Custom wear Pads used for Freight and Passenger Rail Cars
    • Phenolic Bushings used for Agricultural Equipment
    • Custom Canvas Phenolic products used in steel industry
    Phenolic Bearings Gatke  molded fabric bearings far outlast metal as they are chemically designed to withstand the harshest applications. During manufacturing, the molding pressure is applied in the direction of the bearing load which gives Gatke bearings their unique strength characteristics. Their extreme hardness makes them unbelievably tough and long wearing. But they are also very resilient which means they can withstand repeated shocks and heavy loads that literally destroy metal and plastic bearings. In fact, you can run Gatke bearings without lubrication and they won't create the galling and scoring that would result with metal bearings. These bearings are available in a variety of formulations to specifically meet the friction and strength needs of the application. Kor-Pak's staff will help you select the appropriate material and assist you in designing a custom product that provides the optimal solution for your needs. Related Information: Gatke Materials Selection Sheet
  • Semi-Metallic and Sintered Friction Materials

    Semi-Metallic and Sintered Friction Materials (1)

    Kor-Pak offers a variety of Sintered and Semi-Metallic Friction Products which are designed and engineered to highbsak_300_ds_original_300x336 quality standards to meet your industrial friction needs.  Made especially to endure extremely high temperatures, our Semi-Metallic and Sintered Friction Products are ideal for braking applications with a great deal of dynamic stopping such as Wind Turbines, Drawworks, High Speed Transit and Locomotives, and various other applications.  Kor-Pak has the requisite expertise and resources to design high-integrity sintered friction products for your industrial application.  Kor-Pak offers complete brake assemblies, brake pad assemblies, and friction parts.  Contact Kor-Pak today for more information.
  • Crane Controls & Material Handling

    Crane Controls & Material Handling (49)

    crane outdoorsteel_hot metal Kor-Pak Corporation is your all-inclusive supplier for Crane Controls and Materials Handling Needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing crane or seeking the latest technology for a new crane, Kor-Pak will help you meet your goals. We can provide you with both the older and difficult to find parts as well as the newest cutting edge equipment for both AC and DC Cranes. Looking for crane wheels? Check our Crane Wheels products
  • Rail Parts

    Rail Parts (9)

  • AC and DC Motors

    AC and DC Motors (311)

    Kor-Pak provides both new and surplus AC and DC motors with varying horsepower ranges to accommodate most industrial applications for all industries.  We also specialize in rebuilding surplus mill motors and providing 1:1 exchange programs which help our customers reduce costs and downtime.  For both new motors as well as those hard to find surplus ones, Kor-Pak is your all-inclusive resource for your material handling needs. AC Motors DC Motors
  • AC and DC Drives

    AC and DC Drives (4)

    Variable speed drives can reduce operating costs and downtime, allowing you to be more efficient and save energy. AC/DC drives provide a wide range of options for your application. AC Drives [caption id="attachment_785" align="alignright" width="205"]Series4g+ Impulse VG+ AC Drive[/caption] Kor-Pak offers a complete line of AC Variable Frequency Drives to bring optimal performance and operational efficiency to your AC Crane.  Kor-Pak can design and engineer drives tailor-made to your specific application.  Supplemental equipment is also available such as resistors, dynamic braking modules, and air-conditioning units to mitigate against high heat exposure.  Below is an example of many of the product lines we carry:
    • Magnetek
      • IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4
      • IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4
      • IMPULSE®•G+ Mini
      • Sway Control System (SCS®) Series 2
      • Drive Synchronization Software
      • Bucket Control Software
      • Footbrake/Static Stepless Simulation Software
    • Yaskawa
    • Vacon
    • Allen-Bradley
    Drive Support Tools
    • DataLogger Series 3+ Drive Recording Device
    • IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostics System
    • IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Basic
    • MAC•2000 Soft Starts
    AC Control Panels
    • Pre-Engineered Control Panels
    • Custom AC Control Panels
    Dynamic Braking
    • Dynamic Braking Resistors & Units
    • IMPULSE®•R
    • IMPULSE®•D+
    [caption id="attachment_646" align="alignright" width="658"]dc_drives OmniPulse DC Drive[/caption] DC Drives Kor-Pak specializes in retrofitting older DC cranes and outfitting them with new technology with the objective of making them safe, efficient, and reliable.  DC Drives can provide an ideal alternative to older and sometimes obsolete DCCP systems.  DC Drives allow complete motor control and eliminate wear and excess energy consumption which results in cost savings and less downtime
    • OmniPulse™ DDC Digital DC Drive
    • OmniPulse™ DSD DC Control
    We invite you to look at the DDC. Presentation for End-users to obtain a better understanding of the concepts behind the DDC Drive as well as the features and benefits that make them superior to DCCP (Direct Current Constant Potential) systems.  If you are interested in pursuing DDC technology for your application, please contact  a Kor-Pak representative and the Omnipulse DDC Application Questionnaire will help you get started in gathering preliminary information. Magnet Controllers MagnePulse is built upon the acclaimed OmniPulse DDC  framework and has proven to dramatically improve safety, operational efficiency, and performance of DC Industrial Lifting Magnets.MH_MagnePulseDMC_L
    • Magnetek MagnePulse™ Digital Magnet Control
    Drive Support Tools Custom DC Control Panels Related Information: Omnipulse DC Drive Brochure Impulse AC Drive Brochure Impulse VG+ AC Drive Manual Theory- Adjustable Frequency Drives for Overhead Material Handling Applications Features and Benefits of Impulse Drives Impulse AC Drive Training Presentation
  • Industrial Couplings

    Industrial Couplings (9)

    Industrial couplings keep your equipment running properly. Couplings are key to preventing too much torque, keeping power shafts aligned, and adjusting for variations inherent in any power transfer. From managing power transition to breaking off connections to prevent damage, your couplings are pivotal to keeping your equipment operating optimally.

    Industrial Coupling Supplier

    Kor-Pak has been supplying our customers with industrial couplings for 40 years. We are recognized distributors for top manufacturers across the country. For coupling sales and service, our customer have come to rely on Koe-Pak. Kor-Pak supplies a wide variety of industrial couplings that are successfully used on a plethora of applications for various industries.  Kor-Pak represents major reputable industrial coupling manufacturers who have set a benchmark for high-quality products and are used and well-recognized around the world. Industrial couplings from Kor-Pak meet the needs of virtually any application. As a distributor of the major brands of couplings, our products include elastomeric, large gear, soft start fluid couplings and high purpose spindles as well as general purpose couplings. Contact us to discuss your application and we will be sure the industrial coupling you receive is just the right one.

    Industrial Coupling Manufactures

    We have relationships with the top global manufacturers of industrial couplings. As s distributor with global resources, we ensure the coupling you order is exactly what you need.  

    Altra Industrial Couplings


    Ameridrives Couplings


    Stromag Couplings


    Flexibile Couplings

    Bibby Turboflex Transmission Products TB Wood's Stromag Couplings Lamiflex Couplings

    Coupling Rebuild Services:

    Kor-Pak can rebuild your existing couplings for a competitive price.  Contact us today for a quote.

    Applications for Couplings

    Couplings joint two separate shafts in order to transfer power along a power train. In addition to the transfer of power along the process, couplings are used to accommodate modifications of power, variability of alignment and shock. Some of the applications served by industrial couplings are:
    • Simple transmission of power along a shaft
    • Adjust for misalignment to allow for flexibility in the drive train
    • Absorb shock along the drive train, preventing transference from one shaft to another
    • Provide slip capabilities in the event of overloads
    • Make maintenance easier by allowing for the breakdown of a drive train for repair and service