Industrial Couplings

Industrial couplings keep your equipment running properly. Couplings are key to preventing too much torque, keeping power shafts aligned, and adjusting for variations inherent in any power transfer. From managing power transition to breaking off connections to prevent damage, your couplings are pivotal to keeping your equipment operating optimally.

Industrial Coupling Supplier

Kor-Pak has been supplying our customers with industrial couplings for 40 years. We are recognized distributors for top manufacturers across the country. For coupling sales and service, our customer have come to rely on Koe-Pak.

Kor-Pak supplies a wide variety of industrial couplings that are successfully used on a plethora of applications for various industries.  Kor-Pak represents major reputable industrial coupling manufacturers who have set a benchmark for high-quality products and are used and well-recognized around the world.

Industrial couplings from Kor-Pak meet the needs of virtually any application. As a distributor of the major brands of couplings, our products include elastomeric, large gear, soft start fluid couplings and high purpose spindles as well as general purpose couplings. Contact us to discuss your application and we will be sure the industrial coupling you receive is just the right one.

Industrial Coupling Manufactures

We have relationships with the top global manufacturers of industrial couplings. As s distributor with global resources, we ensure the coupling you order is exactly what you need.


Altra Industrial Couplings



Ameridrives Couplings



Stromag Couplings


Flexibile Couplings

Bibby Turboflex Transmission Products

TB Wood’s

Stromag Couplings

Lamiflex Couplings

Coupling Rebuild Services:

Kor-Pak can rebuild your existing couplings for a competitive price.  Contact us today for a quote.

Applications for Couplings

Couplings joint two separate shafts in order to transfer power along a power train. In addition to the transfer of power along the process, couplings are used to accommodate modifications of power, variability of alignment and shock. Some of the applications served by industrial couplings are:

  • Simple transmission of power along a shaft
  • Adjust for misalignment to allow for flexibility in the drive train
  • Absorb shock along the drive train, preventing transference from one shaft to another
  • Provide slip capabilities in the event of overloads
  • Make maintenance easier by allowing for the breakdown of a drive train for repair and service

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