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TB Wood’s is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment for industrial applications.  Our mechanical product lines include: synchronous, v-belt, and belted variable speed drives; grid, disk, jaw, gear and elastomeric coupling products; sheaves and bushings, sprockets and clutches. Registered trademarks include Sure-Flex®, Dura-Flex® Form-Flex®, G-Flex® and QT Bushing®.

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TB Wood’s Couplings

TB Wood’s offers a solution for any coupling application with several lines of high-performance couplings. Wood’s lines of elastomeric, disc and gear couplings have a reputation of reliability and flexibility. Whether you choose from our Sure-Flex®,Dura-Flex®, Form-Flex®, Jaw, or Grid Couplings, you can be certain you’re getting the very best of Wood’s performance and quality.

Built for durability, designed for extreme conditions
Ideal for use with variable-speed and variable- torque applications
No lubrication
No maintenance
4-way flexing action absorbs all types of shock, vibration, misalignment and end float

The TB Wood’s Coupling Selector can help you select the appropriate coupling for your application, and you can contact a Kor-Pak representative for assistance.

TB Wood’s Belted Drives

V-Belt Drives

Recognized as “Large Sheave” experts…through 108-inch maximum capacity
Integrated foundry and machining for superior response time on stock and made-to-order
Value-added services, including kitting and drive selection software program

Synchronous Drives

Combine the best of both chain and belted drives
Low noise compared to chain
Perfect for many high-speed, low-torque applications

Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

A proven lubrication system that eliminates fretting, corrosion, freezing, and sticking.
Constant pitch diameter and constant speed are maintained under varying torque loads.

Contact a Kor-Pak Representative today for more information about TB Wood’s Couplings and Belted Drives.

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