Micarta and Phenolic Laminates

Kor-Pak is a Phenolic specialist, carrying various grades of  phenolic materials to accommodate numerous applications.  Common brand names that we carry include:new-ryertex (1)

Canvas Phenolic

What are Phenolics, and what are their applications?

Micarta became a brand name when it was developed by George Westinghouse in the early 1900’s using phenolic resins.  Micarta is now used as the general brand name term for resin impregnated fibre compounds.  This material is made from phenolic resins used to impregnate paper and cotton fabric which are cured under pressure and high temperatures to produce laminates.

Micarta industrial laminates are typically phenolic, epoxy, silicon-based thermoset materials reinforced with fiberglass, cotton, cloth, paper, carbon fiber, moly, teflon, and others.  Pressure and heat is applied to layers of laminations which yields a chemical reaction (polymerization) which turns the layers into high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic.  There are numerous commercial grades which industrial laminates are manufactured in.

Where are Micarta/Phenolic Laminates used?Pd1305WSHampshire

The most popular application for Micarta/Phenolic Laminates is in high strength electrical insulation.  Micarta/Phenolic Laminates are used in power generating and distribution equipment, aerospace, electronic, marine, heavy equipment, steel, paper, and various other industries/applications.

  • Terminal Boards
  • Casings
  • Antenna Insulators
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Stand Offs • Washers
  • Spacers
  • PC Board Insulator
  • Switch Gears
  • FR4 PCB
  • Board
  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Rods
  • Phenolic
  • G10 Tubing
  • G10 Plastics
  • G10 Composites
  • PCB Materials
  • Black G10
  • Machining
  • Fiberglass
  • Panels
  • Nema Grade
  • Circuit Board Material
  • Copper Clad
  • Industrial Tubes

Kor-Pak Corporation provides several grades of Micarta/Phenolic Laminates and can perform machining, grinding, shearing, sanding, and sawing services to furnish you with the exact product you need.  Sheets of material are also available in different grades and dimensions.  Please contact a Kor-Pak representative for more information and price/availability.  Kor-Pak Phenolic Laminate products typically ship from stock and custom orders will have short lead times.

We offer:


1/32″ to 6″ diameter lengths up to 6″thrust collar


.004″ through 6″ thick sizes up to 48″ X 96″


Custom made to your desired specifications


Precision machining available to accommodate challenging tolerances and requirements

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