Gatke and Ryertex Bearings

Kor-Pak supplies bearings, bushings and gears made from a wide range of non-metallic, industrial materials. Our CNC machining and lathe turning capabilities allow us to make parts from ½” to 50″ diameters for nearly any industrial application.

Ryertex Phenolic Laminates

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Kor-Pak Lamitex Bearings



About Kor-Pak Gatke and Ryertex Bearings

Gatke Phenolic Bearings

Custom Phenolic Bearings and Lamintates Machined to your required dimensions

Impregnated, self-lubricating Phenolic Bearings and Laminates made from raw molded tube.  Made of high-strength fabrics and special long-lasting resin compounds.  Various Grades of Gatke materials suitable for different applications.  Ubiquitous usage to permeate multiple industries and applications.  Highly durable product that is superior to its competitors in terms of forgiveness, heat and pressure resistance, and capable of enduring shocks and heavy loads.

Types of Fiber and Composite Bearings

  • Spherical Bearings: Ideal for self-aligning applications on construction machinery, machine tools, pulverizing equipment and other high wear or tough applications.
  • Chemical Resistant Bearings: Specific formulations of molded fabric-reinforced, phenolic materials are available to withstand acids, alkalis and solvents. Ideal for chemical processing equipment.
  • Slipper Bearings
  • Hanger Bearings
  • Dryer Bearings
  • Traction Bearings05
  • Thrust Collar Bearings
  • Slipper Bearings
  • Spindle Carrier Bearings
  • Top Roll Rider Bearings
  • Main Shaft Bearings
  • Marine Shaft Bearings
  • Shaft Bearings
  • Bushing Liners
  • Rolling Mill Bearings
  • Low Friction Bearings
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Neck Bearings

How Gatke Compares to Alternative Materials

Materials Cost Difference Advantages Disadvantages
Babbitt +75 to 100% Old worn or misaligned equipment Lead-based, need for a casting, & machining – environmental concerns
UHMW – 50% Lower Price Can’t take more than 250 degrees F
Bronze + 0 to 25% Accepted technology – easy to machine – been around for a long period of time Three times heavier than Gatke – permanent deformation – environmental concerns
Steel – 25% Good heat resistance Very aggressive wear on shaft & galling
Other Phenolics +/- 10% More cost effective in smaller diameters – sizing in some instances Size limitations – we can produce larger diameter

Kor-Pak Can Solve Problems Where:

  • Chemical solutions destroy metal bearings
  • Grit and Dust Destroy Metal Bearings
  • Bronze doesn’t work or Thermoplastics fail
  •   Maintenance Problems
  •   Environment Hazard
  •   Lubrication–availability of lubrication & temperature are problematic
  • Custom product design is needed

Gatke Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • All Shapes and sizes
  • Flat profile parts 30” wide up to 10’ Long
  • Wear Pads
  • Electrical Mounting Surfaces
  • Round Bearings, bushings, half bushings, flange bushings in sizes from .75” to 8’ in diameter
  • Material Performance Comparison
  • Wood—3 month Usage
  • Bronze—Approximately 1 year ( must have lubrication)
  • Gatke Phenolic Bearings—About 2 to 3 years with self lubrication

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