Ryertex Phenolics


Ryertex is a name-brand phenolic material that is highly versatile to accommodate a multitude of applications. Ryertex Bearings Ryertex Phenolics Carry are durable and strong, enabling them to handle extremely high loads at elevated at high temperatures under harsh environmental conditions which makes them unique and ideal for industrial applications such as steel, rail, marine, mining, oil, agriculture, and many others.

Features of Ryertex Phenolics include:Fiberglass Materials

  •  Handle high shock & impact loads with excellent Part “wear life” & low maintenance
  •  Successfully utilized for a variety of industrial applications
  •  Can be custom machined and supplied to different dimensional requirements
  • An ideal alternative to materials used for similar applications such as metal
  • Ryertex Phenolics yields an overall reduction in maintenance costs, environmental issues, and boosts operational efficiency when compared to its alternative materials
  • Available in Sheets, Plates, Rods, Tubes, Bearings, Bushings, and custom sizes Phenolics

Kor-Pak has used phenolics in place of alternative materials for numerous applications in various industries such as steel and rail.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative to hear more about case studies where phenolics helped end users and application engineers achieve cost reduction and minimized downtime.