Drum Brakes


Kor-Pak can supply various styles of drum brakes with electro hydraulic and magnetic actuators in all AISE dimensions, and we can also provide custom drum brakes tailored specifically to your unique application. We can also provide all spare products and accompanying items such as brake drums, shoes, thrusters, coils (both shunt and series wound), controllers, and spare parts.


18″ Thruster Drum Brake

  • DC Magnetic Drum Brakes
  • Thruster Drum Brakes
  • DC Solenoid Magnetic Drum Brakes
  • Three Phase Magnetic AC Drum Brakes
  • Hydraulic Drum/Shoe brakes
  • Handwheel Drum Brakes

When choosing your brake, you must consider the required braking torque and choose a size and model which will dissipate the energy during stopping without overheating. The torque is usually determined by the drive motor torque by a factor of approximately 75% – 100% for crane travel and other similar loads. The torque required for crane hoists and other overhauling loads is a factor of 150% – 200% of the motor torque.

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