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Kor-Pak Corporation is your all-inclusive supplier for Crane Controls and Materials Handling Needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing crane or seeking the latest technology for a new crane, Kor-Pak will help you meet your goals. We can provide you with both the older and difficult to find parts as well as the newest cutting edge equipment for both AC and DC Cranes.

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Looking for crane wheels? Check our Crane Wheels products

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  • Festoon Systems

    Festoon Systems (2)

    download Kor-Pak provides a complete selection of  Festoon Systems to stabilize, protect, and facilitate power/data cables or air/fluid hoses.  Our Cable Festoon Systems are capable of weathering harsh environments such as steel plants and ports.  Furthermore, Kor-Pak's Cable Festoon Systems are particularly well-suited for overhead cranes, container cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment systems, bulk material conveyors, plating lines, and numerous other applications. Kor-Pak's Product Cable Festoon product line includes:
    • Flat Festoon & Round Pendant Cablefestoon pic festoon
    • C-Track Festoon
    • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon
    • Heavy-Duty I-Beam Festoon
    • Marine Terminal I-Beam Festoon
    • Mill Duty I-Beam Festoon
    • Plug & Play Festoon Hardware
    • Magnetek Festoons
    • Aero-Motive Festoons
    • Gleason Festoons
    Features of Our Festoons Systems Include:
    • WEAR GROOVES allow quick visual inspection of main wheels to determine if replacement is necessary
    • Optional STAINLESS STEEL threaded fasteners and axles provide outstanding corrosion resistance
    • WELDED STEEL TROLLEY BODY AND SADDLE Extra strength. Continuous welds and rounded edges protect cables from undue wear and abrasion.
    • HEAVY DUTY FORGED SHACKLES for connection of tow ropes or chains. Tow ropes minimize stress on cables/ hoses
    • CROWNED or FLANGED MAIN TROLLEY WHEELS. Available in steel or nylon.
    • HEAVY-DUTY BUMPERS, each end of the trolley. Absorb forces when trolleys impact during normal operation. Adjustable bumpers also available for retrofit projects to align bumpers with existing bumpers.
    • SHOCK CORDS: 5/8" dia. Get trolleys moving more smoothly during rapid acceleration. Provide a festoon system that operates smoothly with minimum stress on tow ropes and cables/ hoses.
    Related Information: We offer a comprehensive range of Cable Festoon Systems to support, protect, and manage power/data cables or air/fluid hoses. Regardless of the particular cable or hose package, the running speed, indoors or out, Conductix-Wampfler has the appropriate system for the job. Cable Festoon Systems are particularly suitable for demanding environments, such as in mills and at port facilities. Our systems are ideal for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment systems, car wash systems, bulk material conveyors, plating lines, and many other types of moving equipment. Container Crane Festoon Systems Curved Rail Festoon System I-Beam Festoon Systems for Rubber Tired and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes I-Beam Festoon  MH100 I-Beam Festoon MH097 C-Track 
  • Gearbox and Transmission Products

    Gearbox and Transmission Products (7)

    crane-gearbox-rendering coupling-steel-continuous Kor-Pak provides high-quality Crane Transmission and Gearbox products.  These products are manufactured and custom engineered with precision and tested to the highest standards.  Kor-Pak  provides new and reconditioned industrial Gearboxes, replacement Gearing, Crane Wheels, Gear Couplings, Universal Joints, and Mill Rolls of all kinds.  Kor-Pak's  products provide more predictable wear and reduce your maintenance expense.   Kor-Pak Provides Both New and Repair Services for:
    • Wheel Products – Crane wheel, sheave wheel assemblies
    • Gearing and Gearboxes – Repair, reverse engineering, failure analysis
    • Couplings and Universal Joints – Manage inventory, extend campaign cycles
    • Roll Products – Re-harden, journal repair, remake into other usable rolls
    • Rope Drums – Re-groove, replace shafts and gearing, evaluate welds
    • Lifting Equipment – Rebuilt and certified to industry requirements
      Rope Drums Kor-Pak offers a full range of rope drum material and heat treatments and our TSP carburized rope drums virtually eliminate ropedrum-machine-lgmaintenance on the drum and significantly improve the performance of your wire rope.
    • Carburized and hardened to 60-65 Rockwell C
    • Virtually eliminate crushing and corrugation of the rope groove surface
    • Extend the life of your wire rope
  • AC and DC Crane Controls

    AC and DC Crane Controls (33)

    Kor-Pak specializes in both new and surplus/reconditioned AC and DC Crane Controls equipment.   Whether it be Variable Frequency Drives, Limit Switches, Magnet Controllers, or other items, Kor-Pak is your preferred source.  Our crane controls are offered with full warranties and guaranteed to help you keep your crane running at optimal efficiency.  Kor-Pak offers both OEM and aftermarket equipment and we can repair your used equipment for an attractive price. [button link="" bg_color="#E8A02C" class="kpbutton" window="yes"]Download DC Crane Controls Catalog[/button]
  • Conductor Bar & Systems

    Conductor Bar & Systems (3)

    Magnetek FABA® 100 Conductor Rail System ELECTROBAR® 8-Bar Enclosed Conductor Bar System ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System ELECTROBAR®  FS (Finger Safe) Conductor Bar System ELECTROBAR® HX-Bar Insulated Conductor Bar System
  • #30 Square D Limit Switch

  • #40 Square D Limit Switch

  • Placeholder

    24-270 Collector Shoe Maccabe Electric

    Kor-Pak provides a complete line of hot rail collector shoes and boxes made from bronze, cast-iron, and other materials.  Many Maccabe electric and other collector shoes and collector boxes available and custom boxes and shoes can be made per your request.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information.

  • AC Traction Drive for Mining Applications

    Kor-Pak is your source for material handling equipment for mining applications.

    M Force Traction Drive Brochure

  • Boston Gear

    Kor-Pak offers a complete line of Boston Gear Products.

    Boston Gear Enclosed Gear Drives

    Boston Gear


  • Boston Gear Kor-Pak

    Boston Gear

    Boston Gear

    Boston Gear is a leading global supplier of quality power transmission products to most major industrial markets including, but not limited to food processing, packaging machinery, material handling and most others – including yours. Along with unparalleled delivery programs and superior customer service, the power transmission consumer, distributor and OEM who demand the best can count on Boston Gear.

    Contact Kor-Pak Corporation today for your Boston Gear needs.

  • Clark/Challenger Aftermarket DC Coils

  • Conductix Wampfler

  • Crane Track Wheel

    Crane Track Wheel

    Kor-Pak Corporation provides Crane Wheels designed for your desired specifications.  Our engineering enables us to determine the optimal material, heat treatment technique, depth, and location of case hardness to ensure long wear life.

    Crane Wheel

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    Crane Wheel/Drive Wheel Assembly