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Kor-Pak provides a complete  selection of  Festoon Systems to stabilize, protect, and facilitate power/data cables or air/fluid hoses.  Our Cable Festoon Systems are capable of weathering harsh environments such as steel plants and and ports.  Furthermore, Kor-Pak’s Cable Festoon Systems are particularly well-suited  for overhead cranes, container cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment systems, bulk material conveyors, plating lines, and numerous other applications.

Kor-Pak’s Product Cable Festoon product line includes:

  • Flat Festoon & Round Pendant Cablefestoon pic festoon
  • C-Track Festoon
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon
  • Heavy-Duty I-Beam Festoon
  • Marine Terminal I-Beam Festoon
  • Mill Duty I-Beam Festoon
  • Plug & Play Festoon Hardware
  • Magnetek Festoons
  • Aero-Motive Festoons
  • Gleason Festoons

Features of Our Festoons Systems Include:

  • WEAR GROOVES allow quick visual inspection of main wheels to determine if replacement is necessary
  • Optional STAINLESS STEEL threaded fasteners and
    axles provide outstanding
    corrosion resistance
    Extra strength. Continuous welds and rounded edges protect cables from undue wear and abrasion.
  • HEAVY DUTY FORGED SHACKLES for connection of tow ropes or chains. Tow ropes minimize stress on cables/ hoses
    Available in steel or nylon.
  • HEAVY DUTY BUMPERS, each end of trolley. Absorb forces when trolleys impact during normal operation.
    Adjustable bumpers also available for retrofit projects to align bumpers with existing bumpers.
  • SHOCK CORDS: 5/8″ dia. Get trolleys moving  more smoothly during rapid acceleration. Provide festoon system that operates smoothly with minimum stress on tow ropes and cables/ hoses.


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