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EOT Crane

Kor-Pak Provides High-Integrity Crane Runway materials handling equipment to keep your EOT crane running at optimal operational efficiency.  Kor-Pak provides the following products and services:

  • Collector Shoes and Trolleys
  • Crane Rail
  • Crane Wheels
  • Conductor Bars
  • Custom Engineered Collector Shoes made to various specifications and using several different materials including bronze and cast iron.
  • Rail Clips

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  • Crane Wheels

    Crane Wheels (3)

    Crane Wheel Kor-Pak Corporation is a supplier of high-integrity hardened steel crane wheels which are heat treated and manufactured to withstand harsh industrial environments. Advantages of Kor-Pak Crane Wheels:
    • Prescription wheels can be designedcranewheel-assembly-rendering2
    • Short lead times
    • Resistant to Flange Fracture or Wear
    • Increased uptime of wheels equates to fewer maintenance costs and elongates the life of the rail
    • State-of-the-art and experienced machining capabilities insure quality and precision for your wheels
    Contact us today for more information about our high-quality crane wheels
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    24-270 Collector Shoe Maccabe Electric

    Kor-Pak provides a complete line of hot rail collector shoes and boxes made from bronze, cast-iron, and other materials.  Many Maccabe electric and other collector shoes and collector boxes available and custom boxes and shoes can be made per your request.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information.

  • Conductix Wampfler

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    Crane Wheel/Drive Wheel Assembly

  • Indsutrial Crane Wheels in use

    Crane Wheels

    Kor-Pak is a Supplier of Crane Wheels and delivers custom engineered solutions for various crane applications such as Electric Overhead Traveling and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes.

    Crane Wheel Wear

    Crane wheels are designed to operated in tough environments and carry tremendous loads. But, eventually, even the strongest steel will show pitting, flange wear, or even break. When exposed to too much load, these normal signs of wear can happen faster than normal.

    Crane Wheel Replacements

    When your crane wheels need to be replaced, Kor-Pak will ensure your replacement crane wheels meet the specs to maximize their life in your operating conditions. Our hardened steel crane wheels are designed to operate and stand up to the forces of your industrial application. Contact Kor-Pak to discuss your needs and ensure you receive the right crane wheels.

  • Hot Rail Collector Shoe (Cast Iron)

    Cast Iron Hot Rail Collector Shoe machined with bolt holes.  Call/e-mail us for specific questions.

    Need a custom collector shoe manufactured?  Send us a drawing and we will make it to your desired dimensions!

  • SIBRE Crane Wheels