Crane Controls & Material Handling

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  • Indsutrial Crane Wheels in use

    Crane Wheels

    Kor-Pak is a Supplier of Crane Wheels and delivers custom engineered solutions for various crane applications such as Electric Overhead Traveling and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes.

    Crane Wheel Wear

    Crane wheels are designed to operated in tough environments and carry tremendous loads. But, eventually, even the strongest steel will show pitting, flange wear, or even break. When exposed to too much load, these normal signs of wear can happen faster than normal.

    Crane Wheel Replacements

    When your crane wheels need to be replaced, Kor-Pak will ensure your replacement crane wheels meet the specs to maximize their life in your operating conditions. Our hardened steel crane wheels are designed to operate and stand up to the forces of your industrial application. Contact Kor-Pak to discuss your needs and ensure you receive the right crane wheels.

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    Cutler Hammer 9-585-4 Coil

  • Cutler Hammer Controls

    Cutler Hammer Controls

  • Eaton Cutler Hammer, Cutler Hammer Crane Controls, Cutler Hammer Brakes

    Cutler Hammer Crane Controls

    Kor-Pak is a suppler for OEM, Aftermarket, and Surplus/Remanufactured Cutler Hammer Crane Controls.

  • Kor-Pak DC Control Panel

    DC Control Panels

    Kor-Pak provides both new and rebuilt DC Control Panels and can recondition your exisiting control panel for a competitive price.  Additionally, Kor-Pak can provide complete turnkey solutions for upgrade projects offering systems integration, engineering, and project management services.

  • Dynamic Braking Units and Resistors

    Dynamic Braking Units and Resistors

    Kor-Pak offers a complete line of Dynamic Braking Units and Resistors.

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    Eaton Contactor (Part #6702ED663-3)

    3000amp DC Contactor

  • EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch

    YOUNGSTOWN® Power Limit Switches are used on crane hoist drives to limit over travel in the hoisting
    direction.  EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch is the best in its class.  Here is more information about EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch:
    • Operated by crane hoist hook block
    • Interrupts hoist motor current directly
    The standard limit switch is supplied for right hand operation and consists of:
    • 2–Normally open and 2 – normally closed mechanically interlocked power contacts for simplex
    switches and 4 – normally open and 4 – normally closed contacts for duplex switches
    • 1–General purpose NEMA Type 1 enclosure
    • 1–Standard straight operating arm

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    Youngstown 2

  • EC&M Brake

    EC&M DC Crane Controls

    Kor-Pak is your source for EC&M DC Crane Controls

  • GE MDT 806 Table Motor