EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch

YOUNGSTOWN® Power Limit Switches are used on crane hoist drives to limit over travel in the hoisting
direction.  EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch is the best in its class.  Here is more information about EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch:
• Operated by crane hoist hook block
• Interrupts hoist motor current directly
The standard limit switch is supplied for right hand operation and consists of:
• 2–Normally open and 2 – normally closed mechanically interlocked power contacts for simplex
switches and 4 – normally open and 4 – normally closed contacts for duplex switches
• 1–General purpose NEMA Type 1 enclosure
• 1–Standard straight operating arm

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Youngstown 2


Kor-Pak is pleased to offer this EC&M #50 Youngstown Limit Switch, Class 6170 Type F61 Series A, 1350 Cont. Amps, 230 Volts, 500 Max HP.  Product is new and being offered at a very attractive price.  Contact a Kor-Pak representative today to learn more.

Right Hand Operation
The limit switch is arranged for right hand operation when the reset weight and cable are on the right
side (when facing the operating arm).
Standard Operating Arm
The standard operating arm is used when the weight and cable can be suspended beneath the limit
Control Circuit Interlocks
Control circuit interlocks are provided on the power limit switch by an externally mounted control circuit
limit switch which is operated by the power limit switch operating arm.
For a Type AG limit switch, a Class 9007 Type B limit switch is used.
For Types BG through FFG limit switches, a Class 9007 Type FT limit switch is used.