General Electric DC Coils (aftermarket)

Replacement GE coils

Replacement DC Coils: Kor-Pak provides both surplus and aftermarket General Electric DC coils.  Please contact Kor-Pak today for more information.


General Electric DC Coils

Kor-Pak specializes in aftermarket GE Coils. To ensure you have the proper GE coil, contact us by phone or fill out the form. Kor-Pak carries a wide selection replacement coils for General Electric, so we have what you need.

Part # Part Description
011031-000 Coil
106856 Coil
106G002 Coil
1440808 Coil
15D021G002 Coil
15D022G002 Coil
15D10G137 Coil
15D21G4 Coil
15D6G4 Coil
15D893J2 Coil
15D9G2 Coil
166233 Coil
1812871G26 Blowout Coil
1929619G2 Coil
1D106G002 Coil
1D106G10A 32 Volt Coil
1D106G12A 12 Volt Coil
1D106G14A 48/50 Volt Coil
1D106G18A 24 Volt Coil
1D106G30A 15/20 Volt Coil
1D106G3A Coil
1D106G42A 180/190 Volt Coil
1D106G43A 55/60 Volt Coil
1D106G51A Coil
1D106G54A 13.6 Volt Coil
1D106G7A Coil
1D106G8A 150 Volt Coil
1D106G93A 38 Volt Coil
1D106G94A 100 Volt Coil
1D1179G1 Coil
1D16204 Coil
1D16G202 Coil
1D176G100 Series Coil
1D176G101 Coil
1D176G102 Coil
1D176G103 Coil
1D176G104 Coil
1D176G105 Coil
1D176G106 Coil
1D176G107 Coil
1D176G108 Coil
1D176G109 Coil
1D176G110 Coil
1D176G111 Coil
1D176G112 Coil, 31-45 HP
1D176G113 Coil
1D176G114 Coil
1D176G115 Coil
1D176G116 Coil
1D176G117 Series Coil
1D176G118 Coil
1D176G119 Coil
1D176G120 Series Coil, 21-26 HP
1D176G121 Coil
1D176G122 Coil
1D176G123 Coil
Coil, F1D177G1A
1D177G100 Coil
1D177G101 Coil
1D177G102 Coil
1D177G103 Coil
1D177G104 Coil
1D177G105 Series Coil
1D177G106 Coil
Series Coil, 15-19 HP
1D177G109 Coil
1D177G110 Coil, 25-33 HP
1D177G111 Coil, 30-39 HP
1D177G112 Coil
1D178G100 Coil
1D178G101 Coil
1D178G102 Coil
1D178G103 Coil
1D178G104 Coil
1D178G105 Coil, 25-33 HP
1D178G106 Coil
1D178G108 Coil
1D178G109 Coil
1D178G110 Coil
1D178G111 Coil
1D178G112 Coil
1D178G113 Coil
1D178G114 Coil
Shunt Coil
Shunt Coil
1D179G100 Coil
1D179G101 Coil
1D179G102 Coil
1D179G103 Series Coil
1D179G104 Coil
1D179G105 Coil
1D179G106 Coil
1D179G107 Coil
1D179G108 Coil
1D179G109 Coil
1D179G110 Coil
Shunt Coil
1D179G3A Shunt Coil, 56.4 VDC
Shunt Coil, F1D180G1A
Series Coil
Series Coil
1D180G104 Coil
1D180G105 Coil
1D180G106 Coil
1D180G107 Coil
1D180G108 Coil
1D180G109 Coil
1D180G112 Coil
1D181G001 Shunt Coil
1D181G100 Coil
1D181G101 Coil
1D181G102 Coil
1D181G103 Coil
1D181G104 Coil
1D181G105 Coil
1D181G106 Coil
1D181G107 Coil
1D181G108 Series Coil, 150 HP 1/2 Hr. 200 HP 1 Hr.
1D181G109 Coil
1D181G110 Coil
1D181G111 Coil, 200-265 HP
1D181G112 Coil
1D181G113 Coil
1D181G114 Coil, 240/320 HP
1D181G117 23″ Series Coil
1D300G2 Coil
1D38G2 Coil
1D38G4 Coil
1D5G24 Coil
1D93G105 Coil
203798 Coil
21C201G5 Coil
22D101G102 Coil
22D101G10A 300 Volt Coil
22D101G111A 135 Volt Coil
22D101G112A 275 Volt Coil
22D101G113A 50 Volt Coil
22D101G115A 165 Volt Coil
22D101G118A 100 Volt Coil
22D101G119A 38 Volt Coil
22D101G11A 150 Volt Coil
22D101G121A 600 Volt Coil
22D101G125A 67 Volt Coil
22D101G126A 120 Volt Coil
22D101G12A 180/190 Volt Coil
22D101G14A 32 Volt Coil
22D101G15A 90 Volt Coil
22D101G16A 12 Volt Coil
22D101G17A 380 Volt Coil
22D101G18A Coil
22D101G2 Coil
22D101G21A 18/20 Volt Coil
22D101G25A 74 Volt Coil
22D101G27A 28 Volt Coil
Coil, Encapsulated
22D101G3A Coil
22D101G4A 62/68 Volt Coil
22D101G5A 475/500 Volt Coil
22D101G6A 550/600 Volt Coil
22D101G7A 78 Volt Coil
22D101G8A 48/50 Volt Coil
22D103G2 Coil, 110 Volt, 60 Cyc
22D11 Coil
22D112G2 Coil
22D112G4 Coil
22D11E95 Coil
22D11G110 Coil
22D11G12 Coil
22D11G168 Coil
22D11G21 Coil
22D11G230A Coil
Coil, Encapsulated
22D11G27 Coil
22D11G3 Coil, 125 VDC
22D11G4 Coil
22D11G43A Coil
22D11G45A Coil
22D11G46A Coil
22D11G49A Coil
22D11G5 Coil, 300 VDC
22D11G54 Coil
22D11G55 Coil
22D11G55A Coil
22D11G57 Coil
22D11G58A Coil
22D11G59A Coil
22D11G6 Coil, 500 VDC
22D11G61A Coil
22D11G62 Coil
22D11G65 Coil
22D11G68A Coil
22D11G70A Coil
22D11G71A Coil
22D11G74 Coil
22D11G75A Coil, 5 ADC
22D11G76 Coil
22D11G77 Coil, 40 ADC
22D11G8 Coil, 600 VDC
22D11G86 Coil
22D11G86A Coil
22D11G88A Coil
22D11G95 Coil
22D11G96 Coil, 25 ADC
22D12G10 Coil
22D135C14 Coil
22D135G102 Coil
22D135G103 Coil
22D135G2 Coil
22D135G202 Coil
22D135G22 Coil
22D135G3 Coil
22D135G8 Coil
22D136G14A Encapsulated Coil, 190 VDC
22D136G2 Coil, 230/250 VDC
22D136G25A Encapsulated Coil, 85 VDC
22D136G28A Coil, 32 VDC
22D136G2A Coil, 230/250 VDC
22D136G3 Coil, 115/225 VDC
22D136G5 Coil, 500 VDC
22D136G6 Coil, 600 VDC
22D136G9A Coil, 32 VDC
22D13G13A Coil
Coil, 250 VDC
22D13G20 Coil, 250 VDC
Coil, 230/250 VDC
22D13G4 Coil
22D13G7 Coil
Coil, 230 VDC
22D14G12 Coil
Coil, 250 VDC
22D14G2 Coil
22D151G25 Coil
22D153G12 Coil
22D153G2 Coil
22D153G4 Coil
22D154G10A 150 Volt Coil
22D154G11A 74 Volt Coil
22D154G12A 200 Volt Coil
22D154G13A 300 Volt Coil
22D154G15A 24 Volt Coil
22D154G17A 6 Volt Coil
22D154G18A 12 Volt Coil
22D154G21A 275 Volt Coil
22D154G22A 90 Volt Coil
22D154G29A 18/20 Volt Coil
22D154G2A 230/250 Volt Coil
22D154G2A Coil
22D154G34A 38 Volt Coil
22D154G36A 100 Volt Coil
22D154G39A 440 Volt Coil
22D154G45A Coil
22D154G4A 475/500 Volt Coil
22D154G5A 550 Volt Coil
22D154G6A 48/50 Volt Coil
22D154G9A 32 Volt Coil
22D155G3 Coil
22D155G4 Coil
22D156G2 Coil
22D157G2 Coil
22D157G4 Coil
22D15B4 Coil
22D15G2 Coil
22D15G26 Coil
22D15G3 Coil
22D15G32 Coil
22D15G4 Coil
22D164G162 Coil
22D164G3 Coil
22D1692 Coil
22D18G2 Coil
22D1B68125A Coil
22D23G2 Coil
22D23G22 Coil
22D23G3 Coil
22D26G4 Coil
22D293 Coil
22D2G261 Coil
22D2G3 Coil
22D2G4 Coil
22D3G100 Coil
22D45G27 Coil
22D45G32 Coil
22D45G9 Coil
22D595G12 Coil
22D63G14 Coil
22D63G3 DC Operating Coil
22D63G8 Coil
22D63GA Coil
22D72G4 Coil
22D736G3 Coil
22D74G2 Coil
22D75G10A 100 Volt Coil
22D75G11A 300 Volt Coil
22D75G14A 40 Volt Coil
22D75G15A Coil, 32 VDC
22D75G16A 180/190 Volt Coil
22D75G18A 440 Volt Coil
22D75G19A 550 Volt Coil
22D75G2 Coil
22D75G21A 275 Volt Coil
22D75G23A 24 Volt Coil
22D75G24A 110 Volt Coil
22D75G25A 18/20 Volt Coil
22D75G26A 12 Volt Coil
22D75G27A Coil
22D75G28A 16 Volt Coil
22D75G37A Coil, 32 VDC
22D75G3A Coil, 125 VDC
22D75G4A 78 Volt Coil
22D75G5A 475/500 Volt Coil
22D75G6A 150 Volt Coil
22D75G7A 62/68 Volt Coil
22D75G8A 48/50 Volt Coil
22D75G9A 28 Volt Coil
22D77G2A Coil
22D82G102 Coil
22D82G103 Coil
22D82G104 Coil
22D82G42 Coil
22D85G201 Coil
Encapsulated Coil 230/250 VDC
22D85G202 Coil 115/125 Volt
22D85G203 Coil
22D85G204 Coil 500 VDC
22D85G205 Coil 600 VDC
22D87G10A Coil
22D87G13 Coil
22D87G13A Coil
22D87G2A Coil, 230 VDC
22D882 Coil
22D8G26 Coil
22D8G38 Coil
22D95G1 Coil
22D95G10A Coil
22D95G11A Coil
22D95G12 Coil
22D95G13A Coil
22D95G14A Coil
22D95G15A Coil
22D95G16A Coil
22D95G17A Coil
22D95G18A Coil
22D95G19A Coil
22D95G1A Coil
22D95G20A Coil
22D95G21A Coil
22D95G22A Coil
22D95G23A Coil
22D95G2A Coil
22D95G31 Coil
22D95G3A Coil
22D95G4A Coil
22D95G5A Coil
22D95G6A Coil
22D95G8A Coil
22D95G9A Coil
22D95GL Coil
235151 Coil
2419368 Coil
264B910G2 Coil
2728730 Coil
2738730 Coil
2738781 Coil
2738781G5 Coil
27D14G12 Coil
2833562G3 Blowout Coil
2833562G4 Blowout Coil
2835606G1 Coil
3020084 Coil
3020201 Coil
3020914 Coil
3022082 Coil
3022115 Coil 230 Volt
3022116 Coil 480 Volt
3022145 Coil
3022146 Coil
3022147 Coil
3022148 Coil
3024265 Coil
3027876 Coil
3027959 Coil
30B4265G17 Coil
3121958 Coil
3122083 Coil
3122101 Coil
3175400 Coil
3175750 Coil
3175751 Coil
3175756 Coil
3191065 Coil
3198256 Coil
3198257 Coil
3198601 Coil
3198602 Coil
3198605 Coil
3198630 Coil
3198631 Coil
3198828 Coil
3198840 Coil
3198844 Coil
3198847 Coil
3198878 Coil
3198884 Coil
3199019 Coil
3199037 Coil
3199049 Coil
3199065 Coil
3199069 Coil
3199069-93 Coil
3199211 Coil
3199329 Coil
3199707 Coil
3199859 Coil
3199860 Coil
3199865 Coil
3199877 Coil
3199887 Coil
3205016G2 Coil
3206886G76 Coil
3210057 Coil
3240057 Coil
3240164 Coil
3243133 Coil
3245002 Coil
3245003 Coil
3621707G2 Blowout Coil
366A732G1 General Electric Coil
366A732G7 General Electric Coil
366A772G3 General Electric Coil
390B203G13 Coil
393B103G20 Coil
393B202G4 Coil
393B203G15 Coil
393B203G16 Coil
393B203G18 Coil
393B203G19 Coil
393B203G21 Coil
393B203G5 Coil
393B207G Coil
393B207G2 Coil
Shunt Coil
393B227G104 Coil
4327062-9 Coil
460-393 Coil
4735399 Coil
4739181 Coil
4739194 Coil
4739194G1 Coil
4739270 Coil
4739333 Coil
4739357 Coil
4739365 Coil
4739369 Coil
4739399 Coil
4739451 Coil
4739452 Coil
4739472 Coil
4739477 Coil
4969051-1 Coil
5196330G1 Coil
5196330G2 Blowout Coil
5196330G3 Blowout Coil
55-153472G4 Coil
55-501493G004 Size 5 Coil, 480 Volt
551G2 Coil
551G42 Coil
560D747G16 Coil
612866C10 Coil
612866G Coil
6174513G12 Coil
6174513G7 Coil
6174582G23 Coil
6174594G1 Coil
6174594G3 Coil
617513G5 Coil
6275084 Coil
6275084G2 Coil
6293206G9 Coil
6306774G37 Coil
6306774G39 Coil
6306774G58 Coil
658C255G03 Coil
68A993017G1 General Electric Coil
6960040G10 Coil
6960040G2 Coil
6960040G7 Coil
6967141 Coil
723B258G001 Coil
8087233G1 Blowout Coil
8650563G4 Blowout Coil with Support
881617 Coil
8860486 Coil
8867619 Coil
9348300G9 Blowout Coil
9605677G113 Coil
996097 Coil
9960997 Coil
99666442G1 Coil
CR2820-1088-B/O Coil Blowout Coil with Core