Lifting Magnets

Kor-Pak is Your Source for Industrial Lifting and Material Handling Equipment: Providing a Complete Line of Industrial Lifting Magnets


Kor-Pak Industrial Lifting Magnets

Kor-Pak Provides a Complete Line of Lifting Magnets for Industrial Applications

Scrap Lifting Magnets

Scrap Crane Magnet

Kor-Pak Magnets are Ideal for Scrapyard Cranes. Kor-Pak can provide an optimal blend of resistance, amperage, winding, and cooling for your magnet application

Our Scrap Lifting Magnets can be supplied from 34″ to 95″ with aluminum or copper coil with high impact resistance and ideal for scrap processing applications.

Circular Lifting Magnets

Circular Lifting Magnets are used for steel and slag industries.  They can be manufactured from 40″ to 84″ with aluminum or copper coil and are extremely wear resistant with high impact strength

and structural integrity which makes them ideal for heavy-duty industrial environments.

Rectangular Lifting Magnets

Our Rectangular Lifting Magnets are ideal for slabs, plates, rebar, billets, unloaders, and other applications.  These magnets come standard 230VDC and can be supplied to various sizes with copper or aluminum windings.

Railroad Magnets

Railroad Magnets are available in 230VDC voltage (standard- please inquire for other voltages), and offered with either copper or aluminum windings and are railroad duty.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Kor-Pak also offers multiple accessories and spare parts including Spreader Beams and Magnet Controllers (digital and DCCP) and can offers customized solutions and product selection assistance.