Static Stepless Controls and Crane Modernizations

Kor-Pak provides complete turnkey solutions for your EOT Crane.  Our Static Stepless Controls and Crane Modernizations include a thorough inspection of your existing crane, engineeering and specification of new equipment, removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment.  Commissioning, programming, and training is also included as well as ongoing service and support to insure your Static Stepless Crane System is performing at optimal efficiency.


EOT Crane

Static Stepless Controls and Crane Modernizations

AC Static Stepless Control is ideal for Portal Cranes, Wood Yard Cranes, Turbine Room and Reactor

Mondel "Braketronic" Controller

Mondel “Braketronic” Controller

Room Cranes, Scrap Yard and Refuse Cranes, Machine Shop Cranes, EOT Cranes, and Mill Duty Cranes of every type.  AC Static Stepless Controls use wound-rotor motors, solid state components, and stepless inductor master switches to provide infinitely variable speed and torque control.  Creep-speeds of 10:1 are possible and it is called “Stepless” because it varies the motor speed by changing the indusctance of a wound rotor without the use of speed step magnetic contactors and resistors.

Variable Frequency Crane Static Controls

VFDs are used with wound rotor motors or squirrel cage induction motors which are easier to maintain and less expensive.  VFDs provide soft starts and can accelerate or decelerate to any desired speed through electronics, so wear and tear on the motor and other mechanical and electrical drive components is virtually eliminated.  Speeds are programmable which offers precise placement and positioning of loads.  Also they reduce the chance for dangerous load swings because the crane changes speed and direction smoothly and precisely.  VFD’s also address deceleration and stopping.  Gradual and smooth deceleration is possible through electronic braking which enables a crane or hoist to come to a complete stop before engaging the brake.  Electric brakes act simply as holding brakes rather than dynamic stopping brakes which substantially reduces brake wear and linings need not be replaced as often.

Serial Drive CommunicationDynamic Braking Units and Resistors

Serial Drive Communication provides reliable digital linkage among various crane systems.

Static Stepless Crane Upgrades and Modernizations

Kor-Pak can provide complete turnkey crane modernizations for your crane, including inspection, analysis, upgraded equipment selection and installation, removal of old equipment and installation of new mechanical and electrical equipment, commissioning, training, and support.  Kor-Pak provides excellent project management and technical services for a competitive price.  Please contact a Kor-Pak representative to assist you with your future crane upgrade/modernization project.