Johnson Industries Lenze Controller ECP-2K20-TBCD-250


The Lenze Controller facilitates proportional thruster braking control.  It can be used with a DC or AC supply and with single or multiple brakes in parallel from a single controller.  This controller includes a variable frequency drive and surge suppression.  This can be operated via a foot pedal (sold separately) or radio remote control system.  The benefits of this system is creating sensitive braking of the travel and turning movements, improving approach accuracy and operating comfort.  Additionally, this system can be used to convert existing systems such as Wagner air/hydraulic systems.

This controller includes the following attributes/features:

  • Mounted inside Nema 4 Enclosure
  • 2.2KW VFD Drive with remote control
  • 3000V Surge Protection
  • 250VDC Supply
  • 2 Stage Brake Program

*Sold Separately: JCEPD7 Heavy Duty Foot Pedal

*Call us for more information.  We provide training and support for Lenze Contoller systems which allows for a seamless transition.  Let Kor-Pak demonstrate what it means to have better braking.