Power Units & Controls


Kor-Pak possesses the technology and engineering capabilities required to provide you with a control unit that suits your specific application

Air Power Units

Kor-Pak provides air power units with a variety of receiver sizes and delivery capabilities. They can incorporate a number of different AC or DC electric motor and compressor combinations, depending on your requirements. APU features and options include control valves, filters, regulators, lubricators, quick set valves and auto drain valves.

Hydraulic Power Units

A range of hydraulic power units are available with various pressure ratings and flow capacities. Reservoir size varies depending on the system, with either horizontal or vertical mounted AC or DC motors. Both integral and modular designs are available. Options include vented, lockable enclosures in painted, galvanized or stainless steel, and a hand pump for manual release.

Hoist & Conveyor Controls (i.e. Ball & Sag Mill Controls)

  • hydraulic or pneumatic
  • simple on/off systems
  • quick apply and/or release systems
  • digital or ramped torque control
  • full proportional control
  • back-up and redundant systems
  • any combination of the above

Drum & Disc Brake Controls

Kor-Pak offers drum and disc brake controls such as our featured Lenze and Braketronics Controllers which can be used in conjunction with a heavy duty foot pedal or remote control system.  These sleek units feature a VFD, filter to mitigate against voltage spikes, and robust enclosures that can include air conditioning units for high-temperature environments.   Allows for constant torque and set acceleration/deceleration times.  These are commonly used to replace air-over-hydraulic systems.

  • AC/DC voltages
  • quick apply and/or release systems
  • RC time delay control
  • full proportional control
  • ramped control on release and/or apply
  • fail safe ramp control
  • PLC controlled systems
  • any combination of the above

For specific information and custom engineering, contact a Kor-Pak representative and they will promptly cater to your needs.


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