Brake and Clutch Accessories

 Kor-Pak is a One-Stop Source for Industrial Brake and Clutch Accessories and Spare Parts

Preventive maintenance and inventory management are crucial to the consistency and reliability of your equipment.  Kor-Pak can equip you with the accessories and spare parts you need to help you maintain operational efficiency.

DC Coil

DC Coils for Magnetic Drum Brakes and DC Control Panels

DC Magnetic Coils 

Shunt & series wound, OEM and aftermarket, also able to supply obsolete coils for major product lines.

Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters

  • Both Wet and Dry Available (EB and ED), ELDRO and ELHY available to accommodate desired torque range

    Electro-hydraulic thrusters

    Electro-hydraulic thrusters

  • AC or DC
  • Special Options available (i.e. Kevlar Dust Boot, explosion proof, lowering valve, high-temp silicone fluid)

Brake Controllers: Our Lenze and  Braketronics Controllers are used in conjunction with our AC Thruster brakes and are operated with a heavy duty foot pedal to create constant torque.  These enclosed variable frequency drives can be used with both AC and DC power input and can be programmed with your desired acceleration/deceleration times which creates a smooth set and release which eliminates wear on the brake.  These systems are popular choices to replace air over hydraulic systems and we can furnish drop-in replacements for these braking systems in various AISE and non-AISE dimensi0ns (i.e. 14″ and 18″).

Brake Wheels

Brake Wheels

Centered and Offset Brake Wheels, Bored & Keyed to Various Sizes

Kor-Pak offers a comprehensive range of brake drums. Standard drum / gear coupling arrangements or custom units

completed to individual specifications. Our drums are made from high quality steel. Our drum designs include:

Standard & Offset Brake Drums

 – with mounting holes, rough stock bore, or bored and keyed as per customer specifications.

'Sella' Brake Drums

 – completed to DIN 15431 and AISE Standards.

'Sella' Flexible Couplings

– multiple arrangements available

Friction Discs

Kor-Pak offers a comprehensive range of brake discs. Standard disc/hub arrangements or custom units. All discs can be completed with tapered bore, dynamic balancing, or any other custom features required.

Spare Brake Shoes, Disc Pads, and Relining: Kor-Pak can furnish both OEM and Aftermarket for virtually any brake shoe/disc pad using various types of friction linings for specific applications.  Our rigid friction (RF) non-asbestos linings have become the industry standard, and our sintered and semi-metallic linings are ideal for high temperature applications and also reduce braking noise.  Kor-Pak also designs/manufactures/reverse engineers custom brake pads to suit your needs.  We carry several models and sizes, including: Cutler-Hammer (503 and 505), Square D (Type T and F), Wagner, Johnson/Elevanja, Mondel/P&H, Bubenzer, Whiting, GE, Clark, Zenar, and many more.

Friction Discs for Clutches and PTOs wichita

Kor-Pak provides a wide range of Friction Discs for PTO's and Clutches including Twin Disc, WPT, Wichita, Reuland, and Eaton-Airflex.

Kor-Pak brand aluminum brake shoes are widely used and successfully implemented on shoe brakes across the United States. Aluminum brake shoes are proven to effectively dissipate heat, and also weigh substantially less than their cast iron counterparts. [highlight]Ask About our exclusive Aluminum Shoes. 50% Lighter, Less Down Time, Added Safety During Changeouts

Spare Brake Components: whether it be a spare pin, bushing, spring, lever, high-temperature silicone fluid, friction linings, relief valve, or viton seal, Kor-Pak will provide you with high-quality spare parts to keep your outfit in service.

Many Value-Added services are available: We not only manufacture the brake shoe, but also offer bonding of high-quality non-asbestos linings to the brake shoe to create a finished assembly.

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