Gearbox and Transmission Products


Kor-Pak provides high-quality Crane Transmission and Gearbox products.  These products are manufactured and custom engineered with precision and tested to the highest standards.  Kor-Pak  provides new and reconditioned industrial Gearboxes, replacement Gearing, Crane Wheels, Gear Couplings, Universal Joints, and Mill Rolls of all kinds.  Kor-Pak’s  products provide more predictable wear and reduce your maintenance expense.  

Kor-Pak Provides Both New and Repair Services for:

i.      Crane and Brake Wheels Products

                                                            ii.      Gearboxes and Reducers

                                                          iii.      Altra Couplings and Ameridrive U Joints

                                                          iv.      Crane Rope Drums

                                                            v.      AC and DC Crane Brakes and Limit Switches

                                                          vi.      AC and DC Crane Controls

                                                        vii.      Various Maintenance parts for all Lifting Equipment.

Rope Drums

Kor-Pak provides service and parts for industrial rope drum.
Industrial Rope Drum

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