Nuttall Gear

Kor-Pak is a supplier of Nuttall Gear and Delroyd Worm Gear Products



Kor-Pak is a Supplier of Nuttall Gear and Delroyd Gear Products

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Nuttall Gear is a company that specializes in providing complete packaged helical drive assemblies of both mechanical and electrical components. Nuttall Gear can bring your concept to reality or design a custom drive package to meet your specific application. Nuttall Gear’s in house test facility allows us to expertly mount, align, and couple your reducer and motor. If helical is not what you are looking for Nuttall Gear can also supply complete worm drives through our Delroyd Wormgear brand. Nuttall Gear has drives for paper mills, steel mills, textile mills, as well as drives for extruders, crushers, elevators, water screens, briquetting machines, debarkers, conveyor applications, oil rigging, recoilers and uncoilers, dredges, and a multitude of other applications. Nuttall Gear manufactures vertical and horizontal drives, speed reducers, and speed increasers in cast iron or fabricated steel housings. Nuttall Gear can deliver a fully tested and proven package that will allow it to integrate into your production system without any worries or surprises. You cannot get this kind of service from any other company.

Nuttall’s Product Successfully Serve the Following Applications and Industries: Nuttall Gear

  1. Cement
  2. Dredging
  3. Hot and Cold Steel Processing
  4. Mass Transit Transportation
  5. Metal Strip Processing
  6. Mining
  7. Moveable Bridges
  8. Paper Processing Equipment
  9. Petroleum
  10. Nuclear Power Generation
  11. Pumps, Fans, Compressors, and Turbines
  12. Textile Processing
  13. Water Treatment
  14. Chemical Processing
  15. Hydro

Westinghouse Reducers

Nuttall Gear is the only authorized company that can rebuild, duplicate, and manufacture replacement parts to original Westinghouse standards guaranteed to work. Simply put, Nuttall Gear is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Westinghouse reducers and speed increasers. The partnership began in 1928 when Westinghouse purchased Nuttall Gear. Nuttall Gear and Westinghouse were now known as Westinghouse Gearing Division. Westinghouse valued engineering as much as Nuttall Gear had; as a result many innovations in gearing were developed and Westinghouse product lines emerged as standards in the gearing industry. Some examples are: Moduline concentric shaft reducers, gearmotors, TDS parallel, right angle and hollow shaft reducers, SU/SD high speed units, and a wide array of vertical units. To meet increased demand for Westinghouse Gearing products, a larger more modern facility was purchased in 1960 in Buffalo, New York. Westinghouse continued to grow and prosper at this facility for the next 23 years

Delroyd Worm Gear

Delroyd designs and manufactures worm gears and worm gear drives with a torque capacity up to 3,400,000 inch pounds.  Delroyd provides a versatile and reliable product that will provide your company years of trouble free operation. Delroyd offers a wide selection of model configurations, housing options, sizes, ratios, and accessories that compliment our standard product line. Delroyd Worm Gear has drives for power generation, metals processing, paper/wood processing, pumps/fans/compressors, petrochemical, refineries, mining, mixing/agitation, material handling, food/beverage, textile processing, water/waste water treatment, cement and aggregate.

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