Storm and Parking Brakes


Storm Brakes

Our innovative and diverse selection of storm and rail brakes have helped industries persevere throughout harsh and demanding environments. Whether it be intense winds, seismic activity, or bracing your container when incurring heavy loads, Kor-Pak’s Storm Brakes will enable you to overcome these obstacles and achieve your industry-specific goals.

Rail Clamps

Find more information about oure Rail Head Clamps. Contact us with any questions or to place an order. Truck Mounted Rail Clamp

  • Spring force toggle compensated mechanism
  • Offered with various mounting options: Truck, Sill-Beam, Flange
  • Actuation is automatic spring-set, hydraulic pressure released
  • Applications include ships, cranes, stackers, reclaimers, and trippers
  • Electro-mechanical rail clamps available (non fail-safe)

Rail Head Friction

Parking Brakes

  • Direct-acting shoe bearing on top of rail head mechanism
  • Actuation is spring-set, hydraulic pressure released
  • Sill-mounted mounting with shims and plated emergency release bolts

    Self-Contained Storm Brake with Integral Power Unit

    Self-Contained Storm Brake with Integral Power Unit

  • Hydraulic power units available to suit all operating requirements
  • Used on cranes, shiploaders, stackers, reclaimers, and various other industrial applications

Wheel Clamps and BrakesWheel Clamps

Tripper Rail Clamp

Tripper Rail Clamp

wheel brake

  • Includes Wheel Gripper System

Tripper Rail Clamps

Railcar Brakes for Mining Applications

Rail Head Brakes

A similar style of Storm Brake, Rail Brakes incorporate a hardened tool steel shoe, which is applied directly to the top of a rail head by spring force. Rail brakes are sill-mounted with shims and plated emergency release bolts. The spring stack can be varied to deliver the required holding force. Lubrication points are provided at the head/shoe mating surfaces. Features and options include a release indicating/interlock limit switch, special alloys, coatings and custom mountings.

Kor-Pak Rail Clamp Brochure

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  • Wheel Clamps and Brakes (5)

    Wheel Clamps and Brakes 0310

    Wheel Clamps and Wheel Brakes are used in many applications to insure the safety of your equipment.  Wheel Clamps wc_brakeand Brakes can be used on Container Cranes, Rail Cars, Tripper Cars, and Gantry Cranes.

    How Wheel Clamps and Wheel Brakes Work:

    Wheel Clamps and Brakes act directly on the wheel side flanges of rail mounted equipment.  They can be either spring applied (fail-safe) or pressure applied and they are intended for emergency stopping and holding.  Wheel Clamps and Brakes are similar to caliper brakes and are used for dynamic stopping and holding.  A toggle linkage compensates for lining wear to provide constant braking force.

    Wheel Clamps

    • Hydraulic, Air, or Manual Release Flange or side mounted Ideal for cranes, ship loaders/unloaders, stacker reclaimers, miningwg_5s

    Wheel Grippers

    Hydraulic Set and Release interlock with rail car movement Wear adjustments reduce maintenance oversized jaws Memory Circuit maintains pressure during power failure stainless steel pins steel and ductile iron construction 12500 LB [55 kN] to 25000 LB [111 kN] Wheel Holding Force hardened tool steel for long life

    Hydraulic Power Unit Systems for Wheel Clamps and Brakes

    Kor-Pak can provide turnkey solutions for your Wheel Clamp and Wheel brake system including complete hydraulic systems.   Electric rail grippers are also available.pic pic   Related Literature: Hydraulic Wheel Clamps Wheel Gripper Info Wheel Clamp  
  • Emergency Crane Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

    Crane Hoist Brakes

  • Hillmar Rail Clamps

  • HUAWU Brakes

    HUAWU Brakes

  • Crane Wheel Clamp

    Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

    Kor-Pak Provides High-Quality and Robust Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Released Wheel Brakes for Ship-to-Shore, Rail Mounted Gantry, and other cranes commonly used in Port Terminal and other applications.

    For Technical Specifications, please browse Kor-Pak Wheel Brake Brochure

  • Johnson Industries Brakes

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    Johnson Industries RB Series Rail Brake

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    Johnson Industries STC012 Rail Clamp

    Johnson Industries STC012 Spring set and hydraulic released truck mounted rail clamp.

    • Rail head clamp, shoe acting on each side of the rail
    • All steel upper housing, ductile iron cylinder head
    • Lubrication points, provided in levers

    Supplemental Equipment: Hydraulic Power Unit

    • motor mounted, hydraulic power unit
    • 460VAC/3Ph/60Hz Hydraulic Motor (other voltages available)
    • Capable of operating one or two STC012 rail clamps


  • Rail Head Brakes

    Rail Head Brakes

  • Railcar Brakes for Mining Applications

    Railcar Brakes for Mining Applications



  • RIMA Logo

    RIMA Brakes

    Kor-Pak supplies and services RIMA brakes, a specialist in industrial storm braking systems.  Rima is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic systems and components with innovative solutions for portal cranes and other industrial applications.
    With more than 50 years of success in the global market, is the tangible result of the Rima unrivaled capability for technological innovation.  Rima can meet customer requirements through a widespread local presence and tailored solutions. It also anticipates needs by building strong customer relationships.