STH012 Spring-Set Hydraulic Released Rail Clamp

STH012 Spring-Set Hydraulic Released Rail Clamp


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STH012 Spring-Set Hydraulic Released Rail Clamp

  • Spring set and hydraulic released truck mounted rail clamp
  • Also offered as sill beam or flange mounted
  • For various rail sizes
  • Rail head clamp, shoe acting on each side of the rail
  • c/w integral hydraulic power unit
  • separate power unit also available
  • hinged door for servicing adjustment
  • release indicating limit switch
  • jaw setting adjustment screw
  • replaceable serrated shoe
  • standard rugged steel yokes; guide rollers optional
  • suited to all American, European, and other standard international rails
  • Pre-wired to a NEMA4 Electrical Enclosure

Applications for Dynamic and Static Rail Clamps:



MODELMOUNTINGHolding ForceRelease PressureMounting Bolts (dia)WEIGHT  
LB (kN)PSI (BAR)Grade 5 In. (mm)lb (kg)
SBH012Sill Beam Standard12,50010000.625590 (269)
SBHL012Sill Beam Low Profile-56-69-16590 (269)
STH012Truck End590 (269)
SBH025Sill Beam Standard25,00012000.75750 (341)
SBHL025Sill Beam Low Profile-111-82-20750 (341)
STH025Truck End710 (322)
SBH050Sill Beam Standard50,000120011160 (527)
SBHL050Sill Beam Low Profile-222-82-241160 (527)
STH050Truck End1190 (522)
SBH075Sill Beam Standard75,00012001.1251720 (782)
SBHL075Sill Beam Low Profile-333-82-27.51720 (782)
STH075Truck End1650 (750)
SBH100Sill Beam Standard100,00012001.252510 (1141)
SBHL00Sill Beam Low Profile-444-82-302510 (1141)
STH100Truck End2350 (1068)
SBH150Sill Beam Standard150,00012001.53880 (1764)
SBHL150Sill Beam Low Profile-667-82-383880 (1764)
STH150Truck End