Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

Kor-Pak Provides High-Quality and Robust Spring-Applied, Hydraulic Released Wheel Brakes for Ship-to-Shore, Rail Mounted Gantry, and other cranes commonly used in Port Terminal and other applications.

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Kor-Pak Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

KPHWB Series Hydraulic Wheel Brake Main Features:

Wheel Brake Applications:

Wheel brakes are typically used on passive wheels and “clamp” to the wheel.  They effectively prevent the wheel from rolling when exposed to environmental conditions such as strong wind velocities.  Consequently, wheel brakes are widely used for storm braking, which is a highly effective wind-proof solution.  If the brake is applied on high speed shaft of drive wheel, it will be more effective and economical.

Main features of KPHWB Series Wheel Brakes

• Normally-closed design, safe and reliable;

Spring-set and hydraulically released

• Equipped with limit switch, which can

provide signal indication and interlocking


• Brake lining is made from non-asbestos

friction material with a high friction

coe-cient and can withstand harsh

conditions such as exposure to saltwater

and salt mist.

• Anti-corrosion design. All fasteners and

spindles are made from stainless steel, with

excellent anti-corrosion performance.