Rail Head Brakes

Rail Head Brakes


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Rail Brakes (Push Down type):

A similar style of Storm Brake, Rail Brakes incorporate a hardened tool steel shoe, which is applied directly to the top of a rail head by spring force. Rail brakes are sill-mounted with shims and plated emergency release bolts. The spring stack can be varied to deliver the required holding force. Lubrication points are provided at the head/shoe mating surfaces. Features and options include a release indicating/interlock limit switch, special alloys, coatings and custom mountings.

Why Rail Head Brakes?CaptureRBCapture_RB2

Rail Head Brakes Leverage the weight of the crane and “push down” on the crane. ┬áThis is beneficial for extremely large cranes, especially Ship-to-Shore cranes and applications where the rail is embedded or inconsistent.

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