Wheel Clamps and Brakes

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Wheel Clamps and Wheel Brakes are used in many applications to insure the safety of your equipment.  Wheel Clamps

wc_brakeand Brakes can be used on Container Cranes, Rail Cars, Tripper Cars, and Gantry Cranes.

How Wheel Clamps and Wheel Brakes Work:

Wheel Clamps and Brakes act directly on the wheel side flanges of rail mounted equipment.  They can be either spring applied (fail-safe) or pressure applied and they are intended for emergency stopping and holding.  Wheel Clamps and Brakes are similar to caliper brakes and are used for dynamic stopping and holding.  A toggle linkage compensates for lining wear to provide constant braking force.

Wheel Clamps

  • Hydraulic, Air, or Manual Release
    Flange or side mounted
    Ideal for cranes, ship loaders/unloaders, stacker reclaimers, miningwg_5s

Wheel Grippers

Hydraulic Set and Release interlock with rail car movement
Wear adjustments reduce maintenance
oversized jaws
Memory Circuit maintains pressure during power failure
stainless steel pins
steel and ductile iron construction
12500 LB [55 kN] to 25000 LB [111 kN] Wheel Holding Force
hardened tool steel for long life

Hydraulic Power Unit Systems for Wheel Clamps and Brakes

Kor-Pak can provide turnkey solutions for your Wheel Clamp and Wheel brake system including complete hydraulic systems.   Electric rail grippers are also available.pic pic


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