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SIBRE Brakes

SIBRE – Siegerland Bremsen designs, manufactures and distributes industrial brake systems and drive components. The customers of our industrial brakes (e.g. hoist brakes) are Consultants, OEMs and Operators in heavy duty industries such as but not limited to ports, steel mills, mining and regenerative energies.

Product Description

SIBRE SHI Caliper Brake

SIBRE SHI Caliper Brake

SIBRE Brakes are used internationally for a multitude of industries including: Container Port Handling, Overhead Cranes, Conveyors, Ball/Sag Mills, Winches, and many others.

The SIBRE brake portfolio includes the following brake types which can be utilized for various applications:

  • USB spring-set, thruster released caliper disc brake
  • TEXU spring-set, thruster released dual caliper disc brake
  • SHI spring-set, hydraulic released caliper disc brake
  • RPS and STCP Storm Brakes

    SIBRE TEXU Dual Caliper Disc Brake

    SIBRE TEXU Dual Caliper Disc Brake

  • TE spring-set, thruster released drum brake
  • ABT 120 Rotor and Yaw brakes for Wind Turbine Applications

The SIBRE brakes can be used for multiple industries and applications.  We invite you to look further into each specific product line and contact a Kor-Pak representative for more information.