Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes

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Kor-Pak provides an extensive portfolio of spring-set, hydraulic released caliper disc brakes that can accommodate extremely high torque requirements.

Our brakes are used in applications around the world including: drawworks, grinding mills, conveyors, crane/hoist, winches, ship loaders/unloaders, and many others.  Our lever and direct-acting caliper disc brakes contain features that create long life and the capability of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.  Whether it be designing brakes for a new application or retrofitting an existing one, Kor-Pak will meet your needs and provide you with hydraulic disc brakes that offer safe and reliable braking.

Lever Actuated Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes:

– Spring Set / Hydraulic Released Disc Brakes
– Hydraulic set / Spring Released Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Caliper Lever Brake used on log handling crane

Hydraulic Caliper Lever Brake used on log handling crane


  •  MECHANISM – free-floating when set and self-centering
    when released
  •  ACTUATION – spring set / hydraulic released, hydraulic set /
    spring released – spring compensated
  •  MOUNTING – foot-mount or side-mount, actuators either
  •  CONSTRUCTION – steel and ductile iron, or aluminum
    shoes, stainless steel pins standard
  •  CONFIGURATION – single or double actuator, offset to
    either side of brake disc
  •  LININGS – non-asbestos compositions to suit application
  •  DISCS – solid or ventilated, carbon or stainless steel, cast
    iron or non-ferrous
  •  OPTIONS – special alloys, coatings, controls and custom
  •  APPLICATIONS -hoists / winches, conveyers, drives,
    processing machines
  •  ENGINEERING -application and selection assistance

Direct Spring Acting Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

Direct Acting Caliper Brake Used for Drawworks

Direct Acting Caliper Brake Used for Drawworks

Fast acting, requiring little maintenance and almost no lubrication, accommodating several applications and can endure harsh operating environments.  Used successfully for many applications such as emergency braking systems for Container Cranes and Ladle Cranes, Drawworks, Conveyors, and Logging Mills.

Direct Spring Brake Features: 

  • Spring set, hydraulic pressure release
  •  Self-contained removable actuators
  •  Many spring stack options
  •  Stroke / wear adjustment
  •  Spring caging feature
  •  Hydraulic pressure isolated from disc
  •  Actuator manual release / retraction
  •  Fixed assemblies with opposing actuators
  •  Floating assemblies with low friction float bearings
  •  Floating assemblies with single or opposing actuators
  •  Narrow profile with actuators on one side
  •  Single and multiple actuator assemblies
  •  Optional bases for fixed and floating assemblies
  •  Optional release and wear proximity – switches
  • Flow through actuators – better oil filtering


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  • 28hhh johnson industries hydraulic disc brake

    28HHH Johnson Industries Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Johnson Industries 3836HX series Industrial hydraulic brakes

    3836HX Johnson Industries Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Johnson Industries 58hhh hydraulic disc brake series

    58HHH Johnson Industries Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Placeholder

    6800HHH Drawworks Disc Brake

  • Johnson Industries 74hhh hydraulic brakes

    74HHH Johnson Industries Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • 7600 Series Johnson Industries Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Direct Acting Caliper Brakes

    Direct Acting Spring Disc Brakes

    Direct Acting Caliper Disc Brakes

  • DS1040-08 Hydraulic Brake from Johnson Industries

    DS1040-08 Johnson Industries Direct Acting Spring Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Johnson Industries Direct Acting & free floating Spring Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

  • JC50D Drawworks Caliper Disc Brakes

    Kor-Pak provides high-quality spring-set, hydraulic released caliper disc brakes for emergency duty, as well as hydraulic applied, spring-released Service brakes to be used with JC50D 1500HP mechanical drawworks and other similar JCdrawworks 1 drawworks.  Our brakes can provide superior performance and less maintenance.  Lubrication points are easily accessible, all components are made with high-quality materials, brake pads have longer wear life and spare parts are readily available.  Kor-Pak can also provide Hydraulic Power Units and Controls for your drawworks disc brakes and provide commissioning to insure you receive the training and support you need.

    Kor-Pak can perform design and engineering services for you braking application as well as providing spare parts and service.  For more information, please contact a Kor-Pak representative today to assist you with your Drawworks braking systems needs and help you achieve greater efficiency and less downtime.

    Model JC40D JC50D JC70D JC90D
    Nominal drill depth m 114mm drill pipe 2500-4000 3500-5000 4500-7000 6000-9000
    127mm drill pipe 2000-3200 2800-4500 4000-6000 5000-8000
    Power rating 735 (1000 ) 1100 (1500 ) 1470 (2000 ) 2210 (3000 )
    kW (hp)
    Qty. of motor x power rating 2 ×438(537)/ 2 ×800(1072) 2 ×800(1072) 3 ×800(1072)
    kW (hp) 1 ×800(1072)
    Motor rated speed r/min 880/970 970 970 970
    Drill line dia. mm(in) 32 (1 1/4  ) 35 (1 3/8 ) 38 (1 1/2  ) 45 (1 3/4  )
    Max. fastline pull kN 275 340 485 630
    Drum size (Dia. x width) mm(in) 640×1139 685×1138 770×1361 914×1556
    (25 1/4 ×44 7/8 ) (27 ×44 7/8 ) (30 ×53 1/2) (36 ×61 1/4)
    Brake disc size (Dia. x width) mm(in) 1500×40 1600×76 1600×76 1600×76
    (59 ×1 1/2 ) (63 ×3 ) (63 ×3) (63 ×3 )
    Sand drum size (Dia. x width) mm(in) 356×1245 356×1245 356×1245 356×1448
    (14 ×49 ) (14×49 ) (14 ×49 ) (14 ×57 )
    Sand drum capacity (14.5 drill line) m(ft) 4000 (13120 ) 5000 (16400 ) 6400 (21000 ) 7500 (24600 )
    Auxiliary brake DS40 DS50 DS70 DS90
    Dimension (L x W x H) mm 6600×3716×2990 6800×4537×2998 7670×4585×3197 7874×5486×2997
    Weight kg 40000 48000 61000 70000
  • Johnson Industries DS1050-10 Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake

    Johnson Industries DS1050-10 Spring-set, hydraulic pressure released disc brake, 455kN applied force, Pressure 138 bar

    *Self contained removable actuators, stroke wear adjustment, spring caging feature, actuator manual release, floating assemblies with low friction float bearings

    Additional Products: Hydraulic Power Unit pre-wired to Nema 4 enclosure, disc which can be plain or hubbed and made to various diameters