Kobelt Brakes


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Kobelt manufactures products for multiple industries, especially concentrated in Marine and Oil/Gas Drilling.  The Kobelt product line consists of Controls, Steering, Brakes, Thrusters, Stablizers, Drives, and Hydraulics.

Kobelt Disc Brakes

Kobelt Disc Brakes  include models 5019-5030 which are made of die-cast silicon bronze with stainless steel hardware.  This provides a reliable yet cost-effective product.  Kobelt Disc Brakes are offers as either hydraulic or spring-applied confugurations and can be successfully used as static holding brakes, stopping brakes, and tensioning & cycling brakes.  We can assist you in packaging a brake system for your application and asssisting in the brake selection process.

Kobelt Brake Applications

• Aerospace
• Cable spooling reels
• Cable trams
• Chair lifts
• Conveyor belt systems
• Draw works disc brakes, both on land and off-shore
• Drill ship anchor handling
• Hoists
• Industrial equipment
• Logging and forestry
• Mining
• Paper industry
• Pipe laying barges
• Propellor shaft brakes, from 40 – 50,000 H.P.
• Railroad equipment
• Sugar industry
• Wind generators