Crane Track Wheel

Kor-Pak Corporation provides Crane Wheels designed for your desired specifications. Our engineering enables us to determinethe optimal material, heat treatment technique, depth, and location of case hardness to ensure long wear life.


Crane Track Wheel

23.0″ OD, 7.5″ face and overall width

Kor-Pak Provides Crane Track Wheels for Cranes

Kor-Pak can provide your hardened steel track wheels to your requries specifications and dimensions.  Our wheels are designed to minimize flange wear, flange breakage, and mechanical overloads characterized by pitting and spalling.

How to Optimize Wear of Track Wheels

Studies have shown that abrasive wear is substantially minimized when the coefficient of friction between the wheel and rail upon which it rides is reduced.  Friction coefficient can be reduced by as much as 40% by hardening the track wheel to 58-62 Rc.

Replacing Track Wheels for Cranes and Other Applications

It has been determined that over 40% of all wheel replacements are a result of excessive flange wear and breakage.  A hardness that is too deep will increase the likelihood of breakage and wheel failure.  The answer to that is dultile area backing up the hardened case of a flage that will absorb shocks generated by span misalignment and badly worn joints between rail sections.

Kor-Pak Can Help With Your Track Wheel Requirements

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