Demag Process Cranes

Demag Process Cranes are highly regarded as being being the finest in the industry and epitomizing precision, quality, and efficiency.  Demag Process Cranes are used internationally for a wide range of industries and help boost throughput and overall productivity.



  Demag Crane

Demag Process Cranes

Our process cranes are designed and built to meet the specific requirements of your Demag Overhead Craneproduction processes. In this way, we ensure high safety, efficiency and availability for your installations. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers’ specific industrial processes in many industries including  paper, process integration, recycling and bulk handling, aircraft, steel production and steel handling.


Effective material handling systems are critical to achieving cost-effectiveness in steel service centers. Our cranes improve efficiency and flexibility throughout all operating sequences – including downstream industrial processes. Our customers rely on our crane systems for efficient storage and just-in-time delivery. To satisfy these needs, we offer:

  • a wide range of crane products for steel service centers
  • customized solutions for steel service centers
  • engineered for maximum uptime
  • maximum floorspace utilization

We offer custom solutions for a wide range of steel service applications:

Transport of long materials

  • High speed and cost-effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible design enables optimum storage space
  • Designed to maximize the productivity of your processes

Process cranes for coil handling

  • Proven experience in effectively handling a wide variety of coils
  • Offer many underhook coil handling options as well as typical steel service center requirements including walkways, closed cabs and radio control.

Automated cranes

  • Customized warehouse management system
  • Human machine interface
  • Remote diagnostics


In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and be equipped for any required maintenance work. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. To meet these diverse requirements, we have developed special solutions that deliver reliable processes in paper mills:

  • cranes for paper machines
  • cranes for roller cutters
  • automated process cranes for roll storage and retrieval
  • warehouse management systems

Cranes for paper machines/roller cutters

  • Reliable lifting solutions for operation and maintenance (dry and wet end)
  • Safe and reliable handling of full rolls
  • Return of empty cores to inventory
  • Precise handling for installation and removal of machine rollers
  • Innovative trolley design for maximum hook approach
  • Express load dependent lifting speed
  • Smart design enables lifting at variable speeds
  • Improved throughput with semiautomatic crane positioning system thanks to semi-automated operating sequences with destination positioning

Automated roll storage and retrieval

  • Customized solutions for your inventory levels
  • Improved safety due to fully automated operating sequences
  • Optimum plant floor space utilitization
  • Smooth transport of rolls using vacuum grippers for single rolls
  • Mechanical grippers for simultaneously lifting up to four packaged rolls
  • Process flexibility with interface to host computer system
  • Quick access for just-in-time staging
  • No operating costs for forklifts on plant floor
  • Reduced personnel costs with semiautomated operation

Warehouse management system

  • Warehouse management systems developed in-house with customer-specific options
  • Easily controlled with advanced human machine interface system
  • Direct technical support with remote diagnostics


In refuse incineration installations, refuse-derived fuel facilities, cogeneration plants, and cement sites, the operational environment for cranes is particularly harsh. Our process cranes are ideally engineered for these applications.

  • Optimum design for loading and unloading storage bunkers: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control modes
  • Laser-assisted height measurement
  • Continous operation
  • Customized software for control and visualization


From lifting and positioning of a load, to installing and loading machinery – we link processes to ensure seamless integration. Our efficient, versatile and cost-effective solutions are customized for your applications:

  • custom designs for cost-effective applications
  • efficient handling of large and small loads
  • precise delivery of material to machining centers, machine tools and press lines
  • cranes with manual, semi or fully automatic operating sequences
  • high-speed crane control system ensures maximum throughput
  • advanced drive and control systems ensure smooth and efficient material transport


Maximum efficiency and flexibility

  • Wide range of solutions tailored to meet specific industry requirements
  • Reliable load-sway damping and automatic positioning systems ensure high handling rates and smooth transport
  • Cranes equipped for semi-automatic operating sequences also ensure that tools and machinery meet production requirements

The benefits of our tailored solutions are found in a wide range of applications:

Automotive industry

  • Process cranes for transporting and storing press tools (also semi-automatic), including turning operations
  • Automatic cranes for removing bales of scrap
  • Crane installations for loading and unloading press lines.

Heavy mechanical engineering

  • Cranes for in-house transport of turbine and compressor rotors, marine diesel engines, crankshafts, ship propellors and other large parts
  • Large construction machinery, crawler excavators and mobile cranes

Power stations

  • Machine shop cranes for steam and gas turbine, and generator assembly
  • Maintenance cranes

Automatic cranes

  • Storage of furniture containers
  • Storage and transport of injection molding tools