IDECO Ingersoll Rand IRI Brake Blocks



Offering a variety of  IDECO Ingersoll Rand IRI Brake Blocks, including:

  • H-20; M-20; H-20-C
  • 4050; 5060; S.W.700; S.W.7000-A, Service Winches, & SU-7000 SWAB Unit
  • SW10000; SW10000-A; Service Winch, SWAB Unit; PR-150-B; PR-600;
    TC-600; H-25; M-25; H-30
  • PR-1000, H-1000; PR-1350; 1350-S; 1350-ST; Big Giant H; M; E-2500, S/N 153-156
  • H-35-C, S/N 192 & Up; H-40; H-525
  • H-25; H-25-C; M-25 S/N 518
  • H, M & E-2100; H, M & E-2500 S/N 151, 152, 156, 160, 164 & Up
  • LUCKY 7-11; 900: ED-900; E-900; H; M
  • 6070; 7080SW; 15000SW; 15000-A, Service Winch SU 15000 SWAB Unit;
    PR150A; H-35 & M-35; S/N 51-263

Many others also available.  These Brake Blocks sets include accompanying hardware and rims are also available, as well as complete brake band assemblies and relining services.  Please contact a Kor-Pak representative today for more information.