Oilfield Drawworks Brake Bands and Rims



Kor-Pak Corporation offers the highest quality Oilfield Drawworks Brake Bands and Rims in the industry and continues to improve and expand its capabilities to set the industry standard.  Kor-Pak possesses a vast database that can cross-reference literally hundreds of part numbers to competitively supply brake bands, rims, blocks, hardware, complete assembly, and relining services for brand name brake bands.  Kor-Pak can also reverse engineer obsolete or difficult to source brake bands and sell sell them for extremely competitive prices.

Impeccable Service and Competitive Prices: A Reality for Kor-Pak Oilfield ProductsScan-Pac friction

In today’s marketplace, it is extremely difficult to find a company that offers extremely competitive prices in conjunction with first-class customer service.  At Kor-Pak, however, this paradox is a reality and we will prove to you that we not only speak the language of oilfield brakes and friction materials, but we will also go to any length to meet your needs and ensure that you receive the technical support you need to get the job done.

High Quality, Made in the USAflag

Kor-Pak’s oilfield friction products are manufactured and assembled in the United States of America and we use high quality raw materials to provide lasting and durable wear products and supporting accessories.  In the industrial world, compromising quality is a dubious luxury for few suppliers and Kor-Pak believes that providing a robust brake requires high-quality materials, no questions asked.  Therefore, you will not be disappointed next time you put a Kor-Pak Oilfield Brake/Friction Product into service and we stand behind our products 100% with complete warranty and guarantee.

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