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Scan-Pac Gemini Woven

Gemini woven is a Non-Asbestos woven product for heavy-duty industrial applications. It exhibits nearly constant friction level up to 500 oF. It also shows full recovery by 400 oF. Gemini can be used on wet/ dry band brakes for industrial use where medium to high friction is required. The product is available in roll form, flat sheet, and custom shapes.


• High Static friction
• Uniform friction
• Non-ferrous metallic
• Immediate and complete recovery
• Good wear rate
Specific Gravity (SAE J380) : 1.12
Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTM D638) : 1500 min
Coefficient of Friction (SAE J661):
Normal* : 0.51
Hot* : 0.44
Wear Rate (SAE J661)
(inch3/hp-hr) : 0.005
Friction Code : GF
Maximum Operating Limits:
Rubbing Speed** : 5000 fpm
Pressure** : 200 psi
Drum Temperature for
Constant Operation** : 550°F


  • Roll Form (25 feet long)
  • Oilfield Drawworks Brake Blocks
  • Special Size Cut Pieces
  • Grooved Lining
  • Lining With Drilled Holes


  • Oil Drilling Rigs
  • Mine Winches
  • Mooring Winches
  • Elevators
  • Commercial Fishing Boats
  • Industrial Brakes & Clutches