Crane Modernizations and Upgrades – structural and mechanical

  • Emergency Caliper Disc Brakes
  • Storm and Parking Brakes
  • Gears, Rope Drums, Couplings, Wheels, and Other Products
  • AC and DC Crane Control Modernizations
  • Application-Specific Software
  • Remote Crane Control
  • Automated Material Handling System

Overhead Crane Inspections – frequent and periodic overhead crane and specialty inspections.

  • Overhead Crane Inspections for Top Running Cranes
  • Overhead Crane Inspections for Under Running, Monorail and Packaged Hoists
  • End of Life Crane Inspections
  • Critical Crane Component Inspection

Equipment Repair Services

Custom Machining and Fabrication

  • Remanufacturing (Value Added)
  • Custom Casting


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