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Overhead Crane Inspections

Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Inspections for Top Running Cranes

Kor Pak offers a comprehensive array of overhead crane and hoist inspections. We can service your equipment to ensure OSHA, ASME, and state-regulatory compliance Our services include:



  • Performed in accordance with OSHA 1910.179, ASME B30.2 and State Regulations. There are two categories of inspections: Frequent daily through thirty days and Periodic per OSHA and ASME, however due to duty cycles frequency of inspections may be monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  •  During an inspection all components of the crane are visually checked for condition as supplied by the
    manufacturer and the function of all devices, switches, brakes, alarms, structural components, electrical
    devices and gear train components. To achieve this extensive knowledge of crane regulations and standards as published by NEMA, NEC, AIST, ASME, CMAA and product service manuals supplied by the crane manufacturer.
  • At the completion of the inspection a full written report will be provided listing all OSHA, NEC, and safety deficiencies along with recommended repairs followed by a quotation for parts and labor.

Overhead Crane Inspections for Under Running, Monorail and Packaged Hoists

  • Performed in accordance with ASME B30.11, 16, and 17 accompanied by National Electrical Code, CMAA, and manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All safety and crane functions will be inspected and tested for compliance to standards and regulations.
  • Upon completion of the inspection a detailed inspection report shall be published listing all safety and operational deficiencies and recommended repairs.

Specialty Crane Inspections Kor-Pak Offers:

End of Life Crane Inspections

  • These are an extensive electrical and mechanical analysis of all components to determine crane lifeMulti-ethnic workers in fabrication shop left for service.
  • Motors are tested for FLA, winding resistivity, brush and brush gear conditions, commutator and slip ring conditions supported with digital photographs.
  • All contactors are tested for squareness and parallelism along with contact tip wear, coil condition determined with a VOM and supported by digital photography.
  • Gear Cases are dismantled, end play inspected with a digital dial indicator and bearings inspected for overall mechanical condition, gears NDT with Liquid Die Penetrant for sub-surface failure potential again supported by digital photography. Lubricant form the gear case will be sent to a laboratory for analysis of content to determine other mechanical failure potentials.
  • The crane structure will have a 100% visual inspection of all welds, connections, and attachment points
    sounded for security with a hammer.
  • The End of Life Inspection will be 100% documented listing all deficiencies and safety violations will be furnished along with copies of all photographs taken during the inspection.

Critical Crane Component Inspections19574750_l

  • Is usually conducted after a gross overload situation, an acute shock load, or a Two Block incident.
  • Critical Component Inspections require that the structure is 100% inspected, camber measured on both girders both loaded and unloaded to record the difference. 100% visual inspection of all welds, connection points and affected components.
  • Gear Cases get a 100% tear down, visual inspection, and an NDT using the liquid die penetrant or magnetic particle inspection all procedures photographed for reference with the report.
  • In a Two Block situation the drum will be 100% NDT and the procedure photographed for
    Rope Drum 2

    Rope Drum 2

    Technical reference material for all inspections shall include the manufacturer’s manuals and specifications, OSHA 1910.179, State Regulations, ASME B30 standards, AIST, National Electrical Code, NEMA ICS 8- 2011 or most recent publication, American Gear Manufacturer’s Association Standards, and the American Bearing Manufacture’s Association standards.

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