3 Hydraulic Clamp Manufacturers and Their Benefits

Do you know what device is essential to the pressing process or press forming in manufacturing? The answer is a clamp system component. 

With clamps, you can join metal together. Hydraulic clamp manufacturers lead the industry in all clamp types.

Using suitable hydraulic clamps for your project can save time and effort. Here are three of the best hydraulic clamp manufacturers and how they can help you.

Here we’ll discuss why each manufacturer is worth considering and what makes them unique.


  • German-based Stromag is a leading manufacturer of industrial brakes and clutches. Founded in 1932, they have years of experience crafting quality clamping system components.
  • Hydraulic clamps are among the company’s extensive product lines, including heavy-duty clamps.
  • The high quality and durability of Stromag’s hydraulic clamps make them an excellent choice for demanding systems and applications.
  • Stromag currently holds over 400 patents. In addition, they continuously innovate their product line to deliver what their customers need.


When covering a list of the top hydraulic clamp manufacturers, you must include Sumitomo. The Japanese manufacturer is known for being one of the world’s largest producers of hydraulic components. While Sumitomo is a much younger company than a manufacturer like Stromag, it has prioritized innovation.

The company’s product line features a variety of hydraulic clamps, including those designed for use in high-pressure applications. Sumitomo’s hydraulic clamps are known for their precision and accuracy.

These clamps are often used in special vehicles and high-speed Jet fuel boats. This fact alone makes them a good choice for critical applications.


One last manufacturer to mention when it comes to being the best is the US-based Marland Clutch. It is a leading manufacturer of engineered elastomeric products. Since the company has been around since the 1930s, it has had years to perfect its product design.

The company’s product line includes a wide variety of hydraulic clamps. In addition, Marland is certified to provide quality hydraulic swing clamps and hydraulic bridge clamps.

They also have products designed for use in medium-duty applications. Marland’s hydraulic clamps are known for their flexibility and ease of use. They can be a great choice if your business requires less demanding applications.

With Marland Clutch products, your business can access backstops and hydraulic clamps. These products can help improve production time and prevent injuries. Marland Clutch clamps also work well in protecting expensive equipment.

Do You Need High-Quality Hydraulic Clamps?

When choosing a hydraulic clamp manufacturer, there are many factors to take into account. First, consider the type of application you have. Then consider the demand level and budget.

You can narrow your options and find the best hydraulic clamps by considering some leading manufacturers. If you are looking to source reliable hydraulic clamps, contact us today and let us help.

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