3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Crane Equipment

For cranes to work effectively, specific requirements are needed. Modern cranes have all of the elements that cranes need today. If your cranes aren’t working to their fullest potential, they’re probably outdated.

Overhead cranes can last decades if properly maintained. But outdated cranes may not work correctly, creating an unsafe and unreliable experience for you and your workers.

If repair is out of the question, it’s probably time to replace your crane. Brand new cranes can improve production and offer a safe working environment.

Do you think you need to use modern crane equipment? Here are three signs it’s time to upgrade to new cranes.

1. Your Production and Lifting Requirements Changed

Production changes are common. When you got your original crane systems, it was probably designed to service your initiall crane requirements.

But changes to your system can dramatically impact your old crane’s performance.

If your new requirements call for more crane use, this can damage the crane. This includes damage to the controls, hoist, end trucks, trolley, and drive systems.

If there are business changes and you need your cranes to work differently, this is an excellent time to invest in new crane equipment.

2. You’re Enduring Frequent Crane Repair

Do you notice your crane performs in a faulty manner regularly?

Crane shutdowns interfere with your work performance. Repairs take time, and you’ll end up spending a lot of money. This is time and money you can save if you invest in new crane equipment.

Older cranes naturally need more preventative maintenance and repairs than newer cranes.

Even though you may not find it necessary to replace your correctly working old crane, a new crane will reduce time and money from maintenance.

If you find yourself calling for crane repair, it’s more cost-worthy to replace your whole crane system.

3. You Find Issues After an Inspection

You know the required crane specifications and the inspections you’re forced to endure. What if issues were uncovered after an inspection? Rather than cut corners by repairing or covering up the problem, it’s best to invest in a new crane.

New cranes will give you the comfort that your inspections will always pass. New cranes offer more safety and better work performance. There’s little chance of performance downtimes, and you’ll have your new crane for decades.

If an inspection reveals problems with your older crane system, be safe and invest in a brand new crane.

Time to Buy New Crane Equipment

Cranes have safety and performance standards. Oftentimes, your old crane doesn’t live up to these standards. Rather than undergoing constant repairs, it’s easier to buy new crane equipment.

Your workers will be safer, and your workflow will improve.

When inspections occur, you have the comfort of knowing your brand new crane will pass. And if you change your production requirements, you know your new crane can keep up with your unique needs.

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