4 Benefits of a Custom-Built Crane Transmission

Two of the most common reasons for crane-related workplace accidents are boom or cable failure and the worker getting struck by the crane load. Such accidents are often catastrophic. 

A custom crane transmission can help you prevent such accidents from happening. It can also benefit your company in other ways. Read on to learn more. 

1. Tailor the Crane to Your Specific Needs 

Most crane transmission brands only offer a few options for complete, pre-built transmissions. As a result, businesses may find that the resulting products only meet some of their operational needs. The best they can do is weigh the pros and cons and choose which parts meet as many of their needs as possible. 

The problem is that this can lower production rates because the workers have to work within the limits of the crane. If they try to push these limits to meet production demands (adding too much weight, etc.), their safety will be at risk. Also, a misused crane will likely break more often and need more maintenance. 

Custom cranes are the best way to ensure your crane meets production demands and is safe. This way, your crane will be able to meet more of your business’s needs. 

2. Replace an Outdated Crane Transmission 

In most cases, replacing parts of an old crane is much cheaper than buying a new one. However, you may need help finding parts that fit your old crane. 

You’re not guaranteed to find the right parts to upgrade your old crane. Still, you have a better chance of doing so by building a crane transmission piece rather than buying a complete set of parts at once. 

3. Take Advantage of Radio-Control Technologies 

Newer crane systems have technologies that can improve your production in several ways. Getting a new custom-built transmission and other parts can help you take advantage of these features.

One example of these technologies includes radio remote control systems. They can enhance your crane’s performance by improving safety and providing versatile action options. 

4. Take Advantage of Life-Extending Mechanics 

Another way new crane systems can improve your production is by extending your machines’ lifespans. Recent innovations in technology can improve how long and well your crane operates. 

Keep Your Heavy Industry Machines Efficient With Our Part Selections 

You’re not limited to an inefficient or unsuitable crane transmission. There are plenty of ways to get the exact parts your business needs. In addition, this should increase the production level of your facility. 

Consider our vast selection of parts and part options if you want to improve your current cranes and other heavy industry machinery. We can source a wide variety of existing parts, refurbish them, and even custom fabricate them if necessary. Contact us now to request a quote.

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